Missing mandatory meetings

We have an employee who is consistently missing mandatory meetings even though he is paid overtime for the meeting. These meetings are not always just about staff issues, this time it included a required CPR training. He refused to attend because of "personal reasons" which he would not reveal. Is it legal for us to say that he needs to get this certification on his own by a certain date, or do we need to send him to a special class in another county (they don't teach it in our county), pay his wages and mileage, and, seemingly, give a "nod" to his missing yet another mandatory meeting? Seems to me that it sends a bad message to his co-workers who make the effort to attend these meetings and training sessions - even on their days off.


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  • You are skipping the first point which is mandatory meetings. The employer has every right to require an employee to attend a meeting on paid time. If they then refuse, it is insubordination and progressive discipline should follow. As far as the CPR certification, is it necessary for the job title in question? If so, the employee cannot work without it. If it is not necessary for that job title and is something the employer wishes each employee to have, your position is somewhat weaker. However, you could bring the employee in for discipline as far as missing mandatory meetings and compromise on the employee getting the CPR certification instead of some sort of discipline.
  • Thanks for your comment. As it is, the CPR training IS a requirement of the position.
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