On-Call pay

What rate of pay should be given for on-call-time. And does it make a difference if the employee that is receiving the on-call pay is exempt or non-exempt? I have seen several answers to on-call situations that indicate that minimum wage should be paid, but does this just apply to non-exempts? Could exempts be paid at a lesser rate than the minimum wage rate?


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  • We are a small hospital that do have staff that are on-call at different times of the day/night. We pay a flat fee for being on-call ($2.00 per hour) and then we pay two hours of pay at time and one-half of their regular rate of pay-not the $2.00 rate- However, if they receive another "call-back" during that 2 hour period- it still counts as the one. If you have more questions on this you can e-mail me at [email]mmartinmarkreed@hotmail.com[/email].
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