workweek with 4 ten hour days and holidays

If anyone works 4 ten hour days could you please tell me how you handle holiday pay if the holiday falls on the regularly scheduled day off?


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  • Here's what we do. If a holiday falls on their regularly scheduled day off, the rest of the week reverts to a regular seven and a half hour per day work day, so that they take the holiday, work the next four days, and so work and non-work that week for 37.5 hours, instead of the 38 that the 4 ten hour days would be, since they take a half hour lunch when they work 4 tens. Hope that makes sense, it works for us.

  • This public employer has employees working a 4/10s schedule sign an "alternative work week agreement". The form provides for two choices within the holiday week which the employee and supervisor must choose from:

    Revert to five 8 hour days for the holiday week

    Use two hours of vacation leave, in addition to the 8 hours of holiday pay received to equal the 40 hour work week.

    It took some time and mathematical education to convince employees and even managers that this was the right thing to do. If they were not required to somehow make the 40 hour workweek whole those employee would be receiving 25% more holiday than those employees on the standard five 8 hour day schedule.

  • hmm (1.) If the holiday occurs during the regular shift schedule, no recognition is needed (absent a contract to the contrary) The person works Thanksgiving day, for example, like any other day. (2.) If the holiday occurs OUTSIDE the regular shift days, the employee is granted 8 or 10 hours "straight" time, depending - for the gift of a holiday reimbursement in addition to the earned hours, including earned overtime hours if over 40. -and/but - (3.) If a holiday occurs on a weekend, no additional compensation of any kind is mandated.
  • Holiday pay would be at the regular rate. We allow the employees to add any over-40 holiday hours to their PTO for later use.

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