Holiday Rates w/No Overtime

If a non-exempt employee works a holiday, and in the same work week is given a day off, do we pay the time worked on the holiday at a different rate than the employee's normal one?


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  • My understanding is that unless you have a policy which states any hours WORKED on a holiday will be paid at a premium rate, overtime would only apply to anything over 40 hours within the regular seven-day work week. Any hours worked on a holiday would then be paid at the regular rate unless the actual hours worked are over 40.

    Pay for any holiday hours NOT worked would not count toward overtime...
  • Unless your policy states otherwise, Holiday pay is paid at normal sraight time and therefore because a day off was taken in the same week, this would not constitute more than 40 hours worked in the week. Therefore no overtime requirement (time and half)would be necessary.
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