coordination of STD and PTO

I have a survey-type question for those of you that offer short term disability benefits. Do you allow or require employees to use accrued paid time off (such as Sick Leave) to bring their income back up to 100% while they are absent from work on STD? Our STD carrier has asked that we quit allowing this, as having 100% of one's income disincents a quick return to work. Before adopting the change, our Board has directed me to compare our practice to other similarly situated employers in our area, and I've found that the local similarly situated employers do not even offer short term disability, so I need to open up the survey to general employers.

If you care to respond, please tell me whether you are in the private or public sector, and about how many employees you have that are qualified to receive STD and PTO benefits.


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  • Oh, come on guys - surely someone offers STD?!
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-13-06 AT 09:30AM (CST)[/font][br][br]We are a private manufacturing employer with approximately 200 employees. We offer STD for a maximum of 26 weeks at 70% of their base weekly pay. We do not allow employees to use PTO while they are on STD to bring their income up to 100%. I agree with the insurance company.

    Edit: I would have answered sooner but this was the first time your post appeared to me.
  • We are a privately owned company with approx. 100 ee' covered by STD/LTD. It is my understanding from our STD/LTD Insurance provider that the ee cannot "double dip." They can either receive eligible sick time, vacation time, etc. from the company or they can receive STD/LTD from the insurance provider but not both.
  • We are a private non-profit with about 200+ employess. STD benefits is allowed for anyone regularly working at least 21 hours a week. STD is 66 2/3%. We allow employees to make up the difference in pay using either sick or annual leave. Our thinking is "just because you can't work does not mean all your monthly bills (mortgage, utilities credit cards etc) will stop.
    Being a non-profit we know many of our employees are living from payday to payday. We have not had anyone abuse the system to our knowledge and most everyone is very grateful.
  • >Being a non-profit we know many of our employees are living from payday to payday

    Though we're not technically non-profit, we are VERY close, so, "Ditto."

    One more question - what is your benefit level? We're paying at 60% average weekly for 13 weeks.
  • Our STD goes for 24 weeks after which LTD kicks in.
  • We are a small not for profit with 46 employees. We offer STD/LTD (premium full paid by company)and a generous leave plan as well.

    Employees can use sick leave for the days it requires for the STD to kick in (8) and then they can use the STD/LTD. They can not use leave to bring the STD benefit to 100% of the salary. If they have enough leave accrued to get full salary they may select to use leave rather than file for the STD benefits.
  • Thanks for your input, everyone. Just last night, the Board did approve my recommendation to no longer allow the supplementation of wage replacement benefits with accrued paid time off. Now I have the pleasure of revising the Personnel Policy and getting everyone's signature...
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