COBRA notice & election forms

I was just informed by my health insurance account manager that insurance companies are no longer allowed to create or require their own COBRA forms. Does anyone have any more info on this? Is it just a Missouri thing, or is this national?

I'm just frustrated because about a year and a half ago I spent a couple of days making some great forms (notice and election), and then a couple of months later got my butt chewed by the insurance company because I wasn't using THEIR form. So I trashed all my versions and started using the insurance company's materials. Now they've removed their forms from their website and I apparently have to go through the whole process again of creating my own forms! @)#&;%$)@&;

Geez - I just got a copy of the "change in law notice" from the account manager - all this went into effect November of 2004! I was more up-to-date than my insurance company!


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  • Are you talking about initial notice that you send to new hires? I will be glad to email you copy of mine that I use for this. Just put up your email address and/or fax number.

    E Wart
  • No - sorry for not being clear. No, I'm talking about the notice that goes out with the election form upon termination.

    I searched my hard drive and found the old notice (based on the DoL model) and a version of the old election form that doesn't look anything like what the DoL is recommending now. So fortunately I only had to reproduce one form.

    Thanks for the offer of assistance, though, E Wart!
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