Poll - Do you provide dependent care benefits?

Do you provide dependent care benefits to your EEs?

If yes, please explain what type of benefits you provide (i.e., payments to off-site providers, reimbursements, on-site facilities, off-site care managed by your company).

We're interested in discovering how many employers provide dependent care benefits, as well as the typical costs associated with those benefits.

Thanks in advance for you responses!


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  • 200-employee manufacturing firm. We do not provide dependent care benefits for our employees. It would cost us a fortune.
  • We have a dependent care payment the EE can run through our cafeteria plan up to the IRS allowed maximum of $5,000 - basically allowing them to pay with pre-tax dollars. It is a reimbursement plan - they pay and provide documentation and we reimburse every two weeks.

    Also, our agency sponsors a respite childcare program wherey any county resident can call and get emergency relief for childcare purposes. While it is aimed at preventing child abuse, it also can step in to care for children during emergency medical and the like. The program is very limited, but EEs have taken advantage of it on occasion.
  • Yes we do. Depending on the options chosen by the employee, dependent health care can include payment to off-site providers, reimbursements, and some life insurance (though we changed last year and the employee pays for a larger portion of that). Health care benefits include medical, dental and vision.
  • We pay $300 a month into a cafeteria plan. Employee can then choose to use it for health insurance in their name, unreimbursed medical expenses or daycare expenses.
  • We do not provide (as in pay 100%) of any dependent care benefit. However, we do pay 50% of the dependent premiums for Health and Dental coverage if the employe elects to carry their dependents on our policies. We too provide a pretax flexible spending account for Health care and Dependent Care accounts, we pay the administration cost and the ee is responsible to fund their account.
  • 50(some odd)thousand corporation. No.

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  • We're a small government agency - union. We pay dependents at the same rate as the employee. Our wages are somewhat low, so it makes up for it for people with families.

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  • No, we do not provide dependent benefit coverage. Just covering the ee costs a fortune. Its a shame.


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