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We have an employee who has been off work for quite sometime due to a workers' comp. injury. The last time I spoke to this person she informed me that she was going to be moving.

Our health and dental insurance coverage is changing to a new carrier effective April 1. Two weeks ago I mailed the enrollment package to this employee asking her to please return all enrollment forms to me by this past Friday. As of this date I have not received her enrollment forms nor has the packet of information been returned to me by the post office as undeliverable.

My question is, what is my obligation as far as insuring this employee? We have two options for her to choose from: one that requires an employee contribution and the other that is no charge to the employee. Should I just not insure her? Put her on the free coverage? I was going to send a certified letter to her to cover myself but don't know if I should.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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  • I would mail it again, certified mail with a letter stating that the package had been mailed previously, but with no response. If you still receive no response, my instinct would be to enroll them in the no charge option. Good luck.
  • If she is off work due to a w/c injury, her checks are obviously reaching her or you would have heard from her by now. Check the address on the injury report and see if it is the same one you are mailing to.
  • Check with the claims adjuster at the Comp Carrier. They should be talking to her on a regular basis and mailing checks. Or is there a case manager? I agree that her checks are getting to her or she would surface.
  • Thanks all but she is no longer getting checks. She has reached MMI and the checks have stopped. We are now trying to reach a settlement with her and remove her from our payroll. I have looked at the documents online with the comp carrier and they still have her old address since there has been no correspondence with her since October, 2004. I sent the information certified mail and if I don't hear from her I will enroll her in the free plan.
  • If you have one, you might want to talk with your broker.
    I agree, send certified letter. Also send the exact same thing regular mail. (This way if they don't accept or pick up certified, you may be able to get it to them anyway.) Include a self addressed stamped envelop for them to return and write in large letters the date you MUST have it back by a letter and explain everything, including what you will do if you don't hear from them and if they don't do anything, when they can make changes the next time.
    Also, I would enroll them in as near to what they had before if you have to make the decision.
    Also, I would try giving them a call, record this and document that you talked with them or number no longer in service.
    E Wart
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