grandfathering bene's in face of change

Board of Commissioners is ready to approve a new schedule of accrual of annual leave. We're breaking up what was previously a ten year wait to get another week's vacation.
0-5 yrs=2 wks (stays the same)
5-15 yrs=3 wks (changes to 5-10 yrs=2.5 wks, 10-15=3 wks)
15+ yrs=4 wks (stays the same)
In the same schedule modification, we are also reducing the cap/maximum accrual on the 5-10 years of service people, giving them 12 months to use it or lose it.

Now the people hired within the past ten years (which are ~50% of us) are hollering that we're taking away an anticipated benefit, and our actions are demoralizing the workforce.

Can or should we grandfather in annual leave benefits for employees hired before the new policy takes effect? Has anyone tried to administer two policies/procedures at the same time, and if so, how gawd-awful was it?



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