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I am taking over the HR position at our company, which has been vacant for several years. Until now, the HR duties have been split up among various managers and some items have been neglected. One of those items is Workers' Comp. I have several incidents where:

1-There was no loss of work or wages
2-Employees received needed medical care and all expenses were paid for by the company
3-Our insurance company was not notified of the incident

Our insurance agent tells me that old claims (even several months old) can still be submitted "FOR REPORTING PURPOSES ONLY," so that our liability is limited should the employee incur future problems related to these injuries.

MY QUESTION IS THIS: Are there any penalties for reporting a claim over 30 days old if there was no loss of work/wages and all expenses were paid?


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  • Possibly. It depends entirely on your state's comp laws. If I were you I would either call or visit the comp state office and explain this situation to them just as you did to us. They could impose fines and penalties but they may not.
  • I agree with Don's response that this question is state specific. Whoever did not report these injuries at the time probably believed that they were helping to keep the company's incident rate down. I was directed by our agent that as long as the EE did not have to pay for medical treatment and lost no time from work, then it is acceptable to use the "reporting only" designation. BUT the injury probably was reportable and recordable for OSHA purposes.

    I believe if your state WC commission did try to fine you, that you would be able to appeal for reversal or reduction due to the fact that you volunteered the information.
  • If they were basic injuries, couple stiches etc. and no lost time, leave them alone and correct as you go forward. Bringing this up to the attention of the division of WC serves no practical purpose, and can only cause you grief.

    My $0.02 worth,
    DJ The Balloonman
  • Call and talk witn your W/C insurance agent. They will lead you through what you should do. This is what you pay them for.

    E Wart
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