Waiting Period Pay question

As per state statute, we have an 8-day waiting period before W/C pay begins. What do most companies do -- make the injured ee take PTO or paid vacation -- or unpaid time -- during the 8 days? All our claims (so far) have been less than 8 days.


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  • The waiting period is there to help discourage fraud. However, when I have employees who will be out, I have let them utilize vacation or sick time to cover the waiting period.
    My $0.02 worth.
    DJ The Balloonman
  • Our company actually pays them their regular salary for those initial days (unless it goes long enough for our carrier to pick up and retro to day one). Our employees don't even have to use PTO. I will never understand why we pay - I agree that not paying would help discourage fraud and malingering.

  • When an employee is out on w/c, we adhere to any waiting period that there might be. Employee can take personal time or vacation time if they want. However, the majority that are out are out for either just one or two days or for a long enough time that the w/c goes back and pays for the waiting period. (I don't want to get involved in how we would reimburse employee if we paid them for this time and then w/c could pay them. Becomes a payroll nightmare.)
    E Wart
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