what to say when calling in

We have an employee on intermittent FML for asthma. She was informed that when calling off work she is to say it is due to her asthma and she needs to use her family medical leave. She has done this in the past. This morning she called to say she is "sick" and would not be in today or tomorrow and may be going to the hospital.

Would I count this towards her FML? Or could she possibly just have the flu? I don't know how specific one must be when calling in to use their intermittent FML. Your thoughts please. Thanks.


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  • Due to the privacy issue regarding health information, once I approve intermittent FMLA leave I instruct the employee that when calling in they only need to say their absence is FMLA and NOT to go into the exact reason for their FMLA. If an employee simply calls in "sick" I don't count it towards their FMLA unless they tell me, upon their return, that it was FMLA.
  • That is what I usually do as well because stating "sick" does not necessarily pertain to their reason for needing FML. I tell them they must state that their absence relates to the qualifying condition. If it doesn't, I don't count it against their FML but just wondered if I was doing it correctly. Thank you for your response.
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