FML because of age?

I tried to search for an answer to my question but wasn't able to find anything pertinent. We have an employee whose mother lives with him and his wife. The woman is old and has a serious health condition. Our employee's spouse doesn't work and takes care of the mother during the day. If our employee needs to leave work to go to the bank, Social Security Office, etc. for their mother would this make them eligible for intermittent FML? Their absences are not to take care of the mother because of her condition but to take care of the mother's personal affairs. At this time it seems the employee doesn't need to take care of the mother due to her health condition but only because of her age and the fact that she cannot get around well enough to do this for herself. Thanks.


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  • According to the regs, such leave "would include situations where, for example, because of a serious health condition, the family member is unable to care for his or her own basic medical, hygienic, or nutritional needs or safety, or is unable to transport himself or herself to the doctor". The regs also mention standing in for other caregivers on occasion or making arrangements for changes in care.

    I see nothing about running errands and taking care of business, but I suppose some might include that in their procedure on FMLA. Remember that if you do consider this to be applicable, you may dock the ee by the hour for time spent running errands.
  • I agree with Don - these types of errands are not something I would interpret as being covered under FMLA and were NOT what the regulations were intended to cover in the first place.
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