returning medical certification

When mailing the employer's response to a request for family or medical leave, how do you count the 15 days for return of medical certification? Do you count the day you mail it as day one? assume it takes two days to reach the employee and then start counting 15 days? It's much easier when I give this to someone in person rather than mailing it. Thanks for your help.


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  • We state that the certification must be returned 15 days from the
    date of the request. However, the regs only state that you must allow
    at least 15 days, it does not say you can only allow 15 days. There
    are some physicians who are charging to fill out the certicication and
    advising the EEs that they will return it in 10-14 days. As long as I
    am convinced that the EE has indeed submitted the form to their physician,
    I am very lenient with a "drop-dead" return date (within reason). The
    main thing is to be consistent with all requestees.
  • We give them a date, rather then saying within 15 days. I add a couple of days for mail time.

    So if I sent a letter today, it would read that they must return certification by November 21st.

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