Policy for company vehicle

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We have recently purchased our first company vehicle for employee use. A truck used for delivery, pick up's etc. We have a person who may even be the one assigned to do these tasks. I am looking for any policies that you may have regarding this. I am clear that there are things we haven't even thought of since we haven't had one.

Of course they want this in place by 9/29 -

If anyone has a policy they would care to share with me, please email me at


I want to thank those that have replied, I am amazed on the differences between companies - some policies are a few paragraphs and some are 3 pages - I am sorting through and trying to figure out where I will put it as some of this we have incorporated in other policies.

Thanks All who sent policies - I knew there was one on this website, but with the help of others I was able to gather more information and create one that was better suited to our needs - Again THANKS EVERYONE!!!


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