When to hire professional Managers

We are a small manufacturing company - about 30 people strong and our VP/COO will be moving up to President within 6-9 months.

Our "managers" here really are just task managers and don't really manage people, since they themselves have alot of heads-down work to complete daily.

We think we need a few people who can see the big picture and be able to ensure that everyone keeps working towards the same goals. This person has been our VP/COO for many years, but as she moves away from the day to day activities - we are left with a gap that currently we don't see anyone who can step up and take her place.

We were wondering if anyone had information, matrix perhaps at what level companies start to hire professional manager(s)?

I would appreciate any insight out there!!



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  • We don't have a 'set point' per se. We look at our needs and see if someone inside can handle it and do a good job for us. If so, we offer them the positiion. If not, we look outside the organization. Look at what you need and prepare a job description. Then look for someone to fill it. It sounds like you are looking for someone with managerial experience. That would go in the ad you place.

    When we are looking for upper management jobs, we don't usually run an ad in the paper or on a website. We send out feelers to local groups we are associated with. The local groups are chapters of national associations. There are other ways too, but this is what has worked best for us in the past.

    One final point. If you don't have someone right now, you might have someone who would do a good job with a little more training. There are plenty of courses out there to train people to be good managers. Just something to think about.

    Good luck!

  • One point in your favor - there probably isn't anyone who agrees with your assessment of your current supervisors more than your VP. If you approach her with the notion that her promotion leaves a void, and you'd like to hire someone to fill that void, she may very well support you on that.
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