Credit Check Authorizations Before an Offer

Hi Everyone,

We were recently awarded a government contract that requires security clearance for personnel in one of our departments. The security clearance is obtained after passing a background investigation which includes criminal history and personal credit checks. The government wants us to do preliminary checks before sending employees through the background investigation. Do you see anything wrong (illegal, impractical) about implementing the following process for the credit check portion:

After each interview, we give candidates a credit authorization form to sign and return if they're still interested in the position. (We already have them mail a letter of continuing interest, so they would send both forms at the same time.) We would hold the credit authorization forms until we make a contingent offer to one of the candidates, at which time we would process the credit check for that one candidate and destroy the auth. forms for the others. This (combined with the other preliminary things we now have to check) would allow us to know within 2-3 days if an employee can pass the background check.



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