Resources Needed for "score carding"

Hi Everyone. We are a small but innovative mfg. company. One of the executive mandates this year is Performance Mgnt and Streamlining Processes.

I have been asked to set up score cards for everyone as this is to be the new way to "measure and track" performance. As you can imagine with a company of 28 people that ranges from sales, engineering, finance & assembly - there are many areas to cover. Currently all reporting done manually, in various types of reports depending on who created them etc. very difficult at best, to gather information. Measuring performance has been very subjective for the most part.

As I have never set up a system like this - can anyone lend me their knowledge or give me resources that may assist me in this process.

My first thoughts would be to start with our job descriptions and pick out the top 5/6 things from that. I do believe however this will be a "snowball" effect which will lead to rewriting all the job descriptions as our focus seems to be changing.

At first it was suggested that their be 15-20 items on the score card, but I have talked them down to no more then 10.

Assistance is much appreicated.


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  • Hi 3959635,
    This sounds very vague. Performance Management, Streamlining processes and "scorecards" are 3 different things. It lends one to wonder if some top person read an article with these 3 "buzzwords" and really doesn't know what he/she is looking for. Whatever you do, I think you should start with defining what business objectives they are trying to accomplish and cascade from there to determine what each area can do to support those objectives from their various perspectives, which may or may not be included in each person's job description. Questions you should be asking yourself:
    1. What is the vision and mission of the company?
    2. What is the company's core skills, capabilities and core products?
    3. Are you trying to gain marketshare with a current product or innovate with new products or what?

    If you are trying to measure individual performance with a "scorecard", that would be different than measuring business performance. There are more methods for that out there than one can count. Also, I would wonder if this were really an issue about 1 or 2 people's performance so the company is going to make everyone jump through hoops rather than deal with the 1 or 2 individuals. Email me at [email][/email] and I can send you a couple different scorecards I've seen used if you want.
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