Flexible Work Schedule Policy

I have researched different options for employee flexible work schedules. The one we will most likely go with is having a "core time" of 9am - 3pm when all workers will be expected to be in the office.

We also have some constraints as there are departments & a couple positions that need to be here 8am - 5pm to ensure we are are available to our customers by phone. (we have customers all over the United States) Obviously our Administrative person who answers the phones needs to be here till 5pm.

In my research for options - all have stated that whatever we allow needs to be written in a policy and needs to be spelled out. (Big suprise I know)

Would anyone be willing to share their policy on Flexible work schedules? It would be much appreciated. If you do, could you please fax it to 989.754.2175. Emails will get stopped in our spam.



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  • The following is a link to the sample policy on flex time Margaret Morford created for Employment Law Letter subscribers.


    Hope it's helpful.
  • The core hours works out really well, depending on your business culture. Be prepared to have resistance from those people who cannot work the flexible schedule, but would like to.

    In our medical practice, we tried implementing a four day workweek for some areas. They were to work 4 ten hour days, 7 to 5PM and then have a day off. This day off was to include time they would normally take off for doctors' appointments, personal business, etc.

    What happened is that they didn't use the time off appropriately and wanted even more time off for their appointments, etc. Also, many people that came in at 7AM didn't have anything to do because we start seeing patients at 8AM. Staffing was a nightmare. We finally rescinded this. The only way something like this would work would be if we closed the office for 1/2 day and let everyone off. Being a 5 day a week practice, we needed to staff appropriately. We had lots of rancor and disgruntlement when this was taken away, so make sure you think it can work before you implement.

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