Attending seminars, training on own time

In our business, there are various seminars about topics that are of interest to our business. Some of these are combined with networking time also. The company pays for the annual memberships, however they feel that people should attend for professional reasons and not be compensated by the company for the time spent at these get togethers.

It is felt that this would be similar to an accountant who must take so many credits per year to keep their license etc.

My thoughts are:
1. The employees we are talking about are from various departments; sales, service, project mgnt. They are not licensed professionals.

2. We have no policy stating we expect this from anyone.

3. Also many of those attending are hourly paid workers - so I am not clear that we can require them to attend so many meetings per year w/out compensation? (especially with no policy)

4. I understand that if the employee requests to attend a meeting, that the company can allow it without having to pay them. The feeling here is that people should want to attend these types of meetings/trainings to futher their own knowledge and professional skills.

5. If this all OK with the addition of it needing to be stated in a policy first, I am asking for anyone who may have this type of policy to please send me one. [email][/email]

Excuse the the long posting.


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