Full-time & part-time job at same co... any advice?

We have a team member (salaried working full-time) who was asking about openings in another part of our organization and wondering if he would be able to apply. The other job would be part-time and hourly.

Anyone have experience with this? We weren't sure how it would work for calculating overtime if he were to be offered the position. Would all hours worked over his full-time role be considered OT?


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  • We have done this over the years. The salary issue is complicated, you do have to pay overtime for any hours worked over 40, the government doesn't look at it as 2 seperate jobs, what you have to do is calculate a weighted average of the 2 salaries and the overtime is paid at this new "created" amount. i.e. job one is 40 hours at $12/hour PT job pays 7/hr and they work 10 hours 40*12 + 10*7=550 550/50 hours = $11/hour, your new base rate to pay OT by - this has to be done each pay period because it bases it on # of hours worked. Good luck!!!! (We usually just wing it and pay them the rate for the part time job we've never had a problem, but we are small and our industry is a little unique) I did do it by the rules when we had the son of an IRS agent working here!
  • Another point about this... don't EVER do this with an exempt employee. You're just asking for trouble - working a "second", non-exempt job at the same company can put his exempt status at risk on his primary job.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-03-07 AT 04:17PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Thanks for the input. The hourly wage for the part-time role would create problems for the payscale pushing it beyond that of the best performers so we won't move ahead.
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