Employee Engagement vs. Satisfaction

I attended a seminar yesterday regarding the topic of employee engagement. We were asked if we measure emp. satisfaction? They suggested we shift away from emp satisfaction as it implies "just satisfactory".

They said we need to look at emp. engagement and look at how we can get our emp. engaged in working. They gave an estimated that on average 57% of all employees are not engaged in their work/company. Referred to as the "working dead".

Has anyone done anything like this? Suggestions?

Engagement, from my understanding was not only moral but loyalty, dedicated etc.

Would appreciate feedback.


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  • Just a wild guess, but was the seminar presented by a consulting firm that will "help" you develop an employee engagement plan? Actually our corp. is committed to engagement and it is more meaningful than satisfaction. Two way communications, feedback systems, anonymous hotlines, etc., are all designed to give employees more access to information/sending the company messages, and feel better about the company they work for. It's a good idea but don't get sold a bill of goods. The best plan is designed by asking employees what they would like to know about the company and how they would like to receive the info.

  • Our organization has not but a colleague of mine has used the Gallup Q12 test to measure employee engagement and is a big believer.

    She was pretty excited because she has achieved a higher level of engagement for the employees of her organization than what is standard nationwide.

    Check out [url]www.gallupconsulting.com[/url] Personally, I dont know alot about it but the concept seems solid. I certainly have seen what happens when employees are disengaged from their work.

    If you can measure this, it certainly would seem useful, especially if you tracked it over the years.
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