GED/HSED - pay for travel time & mileage?

After recently attending a labor law update have questions about whether we would pay someone for travel to and from their GED training classes and would appreciate advice.

Achieving their GED/HSED is something we have made a condition of employement so we are paying for any time they spend in class and are working around their schedules to enable them to do this.


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  • This is pretty much your call. We would not reimburse here as the employee is getting something out of the deal too, but each employer is different.

    If you decide to reimburse for mileage, make sure you follow IRS guidelines or you may have to report part of it as income.

    Example 1: Employee goes to work, leaves for class, returns to work and finishes day. Employer pays employee for all mileage at IRS rate ($.485 per mile this year). Everything is fine and no extra reporting required.

    Example 2: Employee goes to work and then attends class. From class the employee goes home. Employer pays employee for mileage between work and school, but not home. Everything is fine.

    Example 3: Same as #2 except employer also reimburses employee for mileage home. This part would be considered income by IRS.

    Good luck!


  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-02-07 AT 06:42PM (CST)[/font][br][br]I understood the question to be about whether or not travel and study time is compensable.

    I am not absolutely sure of the correct answer... It's a preemployment requirement, I am confident you do not have to pay for their time. If it's post hire, and you are now requiring it, it may be different.

    Edit: Duh - just saw from the subject line that the question is also about mileage. Reimbursing mileage is up to the employer.

  • State of Wisconsin labor law: If the employee is hourly and he is traveling outside his work area, you are required to pay their travel time. No ifs and or buts.
    You are not required to pay mileage.
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