Reference checking

Would appreciate your feedback on feedback from current employees about applicants they may have worked with at a previous employer.

We're considering modifying our applications to include the following statement: "I authorize the company to investigate my responses on this application and contact any or all of my former employers or any individuals familiar with me or my employment background for the purpose of verifying any information" from our current one which states "I hereby authorize the company to thoroughly investigate any and all work, personal and credit references or other data on this application and accompanying resume to secure any and all information the company feels that is job related."

When you have candidates that appear to be qualified on paper for an opening you have, do you ask others currently working at your organization about their work history?


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  • We do not, and I would be reluctant to begin the practice. Adding the statement to the application, but relying on information that may or may not be reliable is a different story. I'm not sure I would be willing to deal with the fallout that taking such a step would create in ax-grinding opportunities.

    My preference is to stick with 'official' reference contacts from prior employers. We don't even typically look very favorably at personal references provided on applications. We all know that some of them may be valid, but they are like resumes, they are attempts by the applicant to provide contacts who will support the applicant with favorable reviews.

    Let the rest of us know what you decide, and I'd like to hear from other HR folks.

    Best wishes.
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