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I am looking for suggestions with what you may have for paperwork that has social security #'s them. We are a small company so we do not have a need at this time to assign employee #'s but we have removed the ss# from many documents. Does any one have a protocol for this.

Also does anyone have a policy on what company information is released to the public and what is released to team members. Looking more for a general listing to get everyone started as well as add this to a confidentiality policy.

Help is greatly appreciated.


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  • Not sure that I know what you're asking. We don't have any policy for this, but simply keep all confidential employee information confidential (e.g. in locked cabinets). This includes any copies of enrollment/change forms, employment applications, copies of W-2's and W-4's and any other paper that has confidential data.

    We also don't have a policy on your second question, but I may not know what you're asking. What kind of company information are you referring to?
  • We do the same as AJ and when we discard documents or papers, we shred anything that contains personal information.
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