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Hi Everyone,

I am in need of samples of employee evaluations or score cards that you may use. We are trying to to make our more performance oriented and not just "feel good" paperwork.

Any help would be greatly appreciated I have 2 weeks to put together, get approved and distribute with instructions.



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  • Unless you have objective criteria for scoring the attributes you are evaluating, any scoring averages will be very subjective.

    For exammple:

    Jane Doe is tough. He never gives high marks and expects top performance. On a 5 point scale, he rarely scores anyone above a 3.

    Ted Poindexter is easy going. He thinks a happy staff is a productive staff and he likes being popular. On the same 5 point scale, he rarely gives below a 4, thinking that everyone is trying hard and doing decent work.

    If you take these two examples and scored two different people that were equally hard workers, one would come in at an average of a 3 which would be an excellent rating from Jane, but the other would come in at a 4, which is an excellent rating from Ted.

    My only point is, it is hard to get to comparable averages when the scoring is subjective.

  • I have an evaluation form that you are welcome to look at. E-mail me at [email][/email]

    I designed it to be interactive and limited in focus to behaviors that really mattered (rather than the typical laundry list evaluation form).
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