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In updating our Affirmative Action plan, two questions have been raised about temp postings by the HR group working with us on our plan.

1) Posting of open positions that are temporary within the company

This hasn't been something we've done in the past as figure most folks working for us full or part-time wouldn't want to make this switch especially since they're typically for entry-level roles that are easier to fill.

2) Whether the temp agency that we use posts the company name when recruiting for openings rather than just the openings themselves

Your advice and input is appreciated.


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  • We don't post temp openings in-house, but a lot of them end up getting filled by ees' friends and relatives. So it would make sense to post them to get referrals.

    Good luck!

    James Sokolowski
  • mbeam:

    We don't post temp positions in-house. I regard that as a non-issue, since:

    1-regular EEs are not going to be interested in applying for a position that is just to provide extra help for a couple of days.

    2-we post all regular job openings in-house, and EEs are given the opportunity to apply. If a qualified applicant were to apply from in-house, then most likely we wouldn't be in the situation of temporarily covering that position using temp help anyway.

    We do occasionally solicit staff refererrals of people they know who are interested in freelance temp positions, however (and we pay staff a "finder's fee" when their referrals pan out). We like to have a few potential freelancers on file, so we're not totally dependent on temp agencies for our temp needs.

  • I would not allow the Temp agency to name your company as part of their recruiting efforts. The employees that are temp are not your employees, they are on the temp services payroll, and the more you are involved in the recruitment and selection of those employees, the more potential liability you incur if there were any charges of hiring discrimination. One of the companies we own is a staffing agency, and we attempt to keep ourselves as separate as possible from the client in our hiring procedures - it limits liability for both our company and the client. Posting internally for temp job would be unwise.
  • Thanks for the feedback. You echo the concerns that we had in doing this and will go back to the HR consulting group that's working on our Affirmative Action Plan to show us where it states this is what should be done.
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