We have reached our 100th verification of I-9 data of all new hires regardless of Race, gender, or National Origin.

We have a record of 100% success and the documentation is attached to every single I-9 ON FILE. In this process we have assisted 5 US Citizens with DATA Bank corrections. These errors were of the nature of Gender, numbers reversed in the SSN, or an error in the age, and name spelling, which is a good thing! We caught the errors and they have now been fixed.

The foreign nationals that we have hired and put to work, but then referred for correction of I-9 DATA, have never returned to continue working and that is a 100% success rate, also and we have the documentation to support our actions of termination due to absentism from the assigned work site.

I hope that if you have not joined me on-line with The Basic Pilot Program you will do so, as soon as possible. The more companies that are using the Basic Pilot Program for the verification of I-9 DATA, the more we will help our govenrment come to the final grip of the immigration of illegal persons coming to USA for employment or whatever reason without authority.


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