Good morning to all:
It has been awhile since I last up-dated this group of professional HRs everywhere on the verification of I-9 data contained on the I-9 Form. My company has been extremely busy this last two months and I have not been able to even come to review what is going on in our professional world. A few points that were previously discussed on this FORUM:
1) the Feds staff has funding, and the The Basic Pilot Program, which is a part of the S.A.V.E. program is alive and well. It remains available to any employer who wishes to formally join and gain the opportunity we now have to verify data submitted to you by the employee as their proof of identification of who they are and that they are authorized to work in our country.

2) Most of you should know by now that there is a new I-9 form out and if you are still using the old one with only three choices/election boxes to check, you should throw those away and get a copy for FREE through the Basic Pilot Program the new form. These are also available and the employer handbook on the I-9 process is, likewise, available to those who enroll into The Basic Pilot Program for FREE. There is a resource section which allows you to down load and print out all of the documentation required to legally administrate the I-9 program for your company.

3) This morning, I once again have suspended an employee, and referred him to the Department of Homeland Security (USCIS) for correction of the mis-match of data contained on his original I-9. That makes 100% of the foreign national employees who have come to our doors and presented documentation during the enrollment process that have been identified as having a mis-match of data. Upon the discover of mis-matched data, I print off a referral letter from the program and take it to the individual and brief him/her on the fact that they are now administratively suspended until they can get the mis-match corrected and return to our company with corrected data to be also be verified. I also provide a copy of our company generated suspension form and get signatures and witness signatures that I briefed the individual through an interpretor and informed him that he has 10 days to follow through on this action or he will be terminated on January 21, 2006. He was clocked out and sent on his way. As normal he will most likely NOT RETURN.

4) On the 23rd of January, I will go back into the Basic Pilot Program and close the case with the appropriate input as a "self resolved" case. If he does return within the next 10 days with corrected data, I will enter the new information and put the employee back to work. I have had (0) foreign national referrals returned with new documents since joining this program.

I have had nothing but absolute success with this Federal Program. I have had several US Citizens referred to the SSA for mis-matched data. These have been corrected on the same day with a referral of the person to the SSA office with the same letter of referrals developed by the program from the data input. I highly recommend your professional consideration and participation in this very important FREE program.



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  • Good to hear from you again, Pork. Thanks for the update.
  • LarryC: Glad to get just a little uncovered; just had to yell one more time for the value to this company the S.A.V.E. Program and its step brother The Basic Pilot Program. I am very comforted in knowing that I no longer have to worry about the hiring of illegal immigrants into our work force. Every private company who is interested could put this service in line and within weeks the new supply of illegal immigrants would stop coming. We are yelling at the top of our voice to everyone and especially those person out there trying to gain employment, who know themselves to be illegal immigrants, to not bother coming to our door for you will gain entrance and then be referred to the USCIS for correction of their document data.

    IT WORKS FOR US AND THAT IS POSSIBLE FOR EVERYONE ELSE. I am an "ole HR" and not very computer smart, but I have learned to work my way through the administration of the software program. I am ready for any EEOC or DOL or DHS or USCIS audit. I have never been so proud of our government and the development of this program. I sure hope that others will also come on-line with this FORUM and tell of their successes. Surely, I can not be the only one except in my state that is using this program as a private employer. The government agencies have beenusing this program for about 12 years under the S.A.V.E. name.


  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-10-06 AT 03:37PM (CST)[/font][br][br]I hate to piss on your parade but future SAVE funding was killed in the last appropriations bill. Once the gravy train runs out it's gone!

    Besides, the illeglas we run into in TN and GA (the only two states that I can speak about authoritatively) have assumed identities from citizens, so SAVE or any other system will NEVER detect them.

    The only thing SAVE catches are the recent arrivals that get their funny papers at the one-stop coyote shops on the banks of the Rio Grande.

    Also, the re-branded, correct I-9 does in fact only have three boxes. It is identifiable by the
    Form I-9 (5/31/05)Y identifier on the lower right corner. The form that PORK eludes to that broke out the "citizen or national of the US" into two boxes was incorrectly released. It is not approved. I hope that the SAVE people had the presence of mind to stay updated and keep their loyal cultists informed of this!

    Good luck with this.

  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-10-06 AT 04:28PM (CST)[/font][br][br][font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-10-06 AT 04:04 PM (CST)[/font]

    Glad you joined in; again, you are wrong.

    The funding is already there for the remainder of 2006, which does not end until Sept 2006. The people that come to our door, I do not care whether they are illegal or not! What I do care about is the fact that every single persons that gains an employment opportunity with this company completes the enrollment process, goes to work, and the verification process is accomplished.

    Regardless of their National Origin,including US Citizens there documentation is verified and this company is provided with DHS documentation verifying the facts. We have a clear and complete record of events with every case. US Citizen or foreign national it makes no difference. I find the documents with mis-matched information and forward the individual to the appropriate service component for correction of the record. We have had to refer both US Citizens, as well as, foreign nationals. Our track record is straight forward and this company is now protected from any discrimination charge for wrongfull termination. They terminate their own person as a result of the inability to get the data corrected. 100% success of following the program to the end result is where this program can help our country break the back of the on-coming illegal immigrants seeking employment or terrorist activities, while working.

    I then make sure they have your companies's address in TN for employment, because the very documents and data, he/she presented to me, would not be checked by your company because they appear to be absolutely the very best. I care less how they look, but I sure enjoy the facts and the closed condition of my I-9 cases processed since I found The Basic Pilot Program.

    You should give the system a honest effort on your part and you will see that it does connect on 100% of the cases. In our business as professional HRs, we spend a lot of time on policy and precedence that is not worth a HOOT. However, this one has brought me great comfort and cut my enrollment pains and illegal foreign national worries to zero.


    Gene: Again, I thank you for joining in, you are absolutely right about the form and the three boxes OMB No 1615-0047; expires 03/31/2007 is the appropriate identifier in the top righ hand corner of the I-9, it is now a three page form with 2 and 3 being required as back to back to become one piece. page 1 is the instructional page.

    As soon as I read your very timely comeback I immediately went into the Basic Pilot Program and into the resouces chamber and there it was. Additionally, the staff alerts were also there, but I had not taken the time to read all the news that is printed there. We can't blame the staff for my mistakes. I have only had time to go into this program when I was enrolling any new employee sitting in my office for the most part to verify the data which takes about 1 minute of my time. It is the remote locations that take up the most of my time because I simply gather the data and the I-9 with the other enrollment papers and come back to my office to do the verification. Once back it takes the same one minute if confirmed, if non-confirmed then I have to travel back to the remote location and present the employee with the referral documents and get the necessary signatures and witnesses to the event.

    Again thanks for your correction of my POST. This world of ours is great when HRs work together to accomplish the right things for everyone's benefit. You got me on that one!

  • >[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
    >01-10-06 AT 04:28 PM (CST)[/font]
    >[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
    >01-10-06 AT 04:04 PM (CST)[/font]
    >Glad you joined in; again, you are wrong.
    >The funding is already there for the remainder
    >of 2006, which does not end until Sept 2006.
    >The people that come to our door, I do not care
    >whether they are illegal or not! What I do care
    >about is the fact that every single persons that
    >gains an employment opportunity with this
    >company completes the enrollment process, goes
    >to work, and the verification process is

    I infer from this statement that you now have a legal way to hire illegals. Is that wrong?

  • SMACE: Your assumption is incorrect, the process and procedures does not seperate an illegal, legal forgeign national, or US Citizens. When you look at the documents provided to you for the completion of an I-9 Form. The outward appearance of the documents from which you check and record on the I-9 is that they are legal people seeking employment in our country.

    I have not found a way to circumvent the legal process and do not care to do so. For those occasions, where I am able to do the enrollment in the office where the computer is located, it takes just a minute to apply the appropriate into a data base inquiry and receive back an authorization to employ. Upon receiving a non-confirmed authorization for employment, I complete the enrollment documentation and send the new hire on to work. I close the inquiry and move on.

    For the remote site enrollment, the employer is granted 3 days to do the enrollment after putting someone to work. So, for the purpose of answering your question, the answer is yes; because, we do not discriminate in our process of hiring all personnel it is a way of hiring a person with out regard for legal or illegal circumstances; now, once enrolled, I must input the data from 100% of all I-9s submitted in the enrollment process and get either an authorization confirmed or a non-confirmed. Again, disregarding an knowledge of legal or illegal status of any employee once we get a non-confirmed we do not accuse anyone of being illegal or legal we simply refer the person to the appropriate government agency where there is a mis-match of data. I have no knowledge of the status of any one; we refer all Non-Confirmed employees and attach no physical label on their status.

    All to say the legal or illegal status of an employee is no longer my worry or concern it is a mute point. The illegal foreign national if he/she was among those employees receiving a NON-CONFIRMED letter goes to the servicing governmental department and gets the data bank corrected, obviously, he/she was not illegal, but infact legal immigrant with a right to work in our company. Once the individual is sent/referred to the agency with the mis-match they have 10 days to return to me with up-dated data I input the new data and hopefully receive back a confirmed authorization document. If a non-confirmed, then I would again print out the resulting referral letter and execute the letter of referral and draw up a company suspension warning document and send the employee off once again.

    The number of days in my experience this year as been 3 days of working for us for pay and upto 10 days of working for us but suspended without pay. If there was a person employed and referred which never came back, that person could have been an illegal immigrant. However, I would not attempt to label that person. We simply go on with our business without regard for the legal/illegal status of anyone.

    It just so happens that 100% of all US CITIZENS referred for correction of data base information have returned and happy for having been notified that something was not right. It also is true that the 100% of all foreign nationals referred have not comeback to our employment opportunity.

    We are no longer concern with someone's legal or illegal status!!! So while you worry about hiring an illegal person into the work force, I am not worrying about either. THIS IS THE BOTTOM LINE FOR ALL EMPLOYERS, THE SYSTEM CHANGES THE PARAMETERS IN WHICH WE HIRE PEOPLE INTO OUR COMPANY AND THE UNITED STATES WORK FORCE.

  • For the record, you could of stopped after the first sentence. Thanks for the reply.
  • Thanks, Pork, I had forgotten to start using the new form. It can also be found here:

    I also ended up needing a new version of Adobe Acrobat to read it, which can be downloaded from here:
  • Just a note of clarification: per the news release of 06/21/05 from US Citizenship and Immigration Services:
    "Aside from replacing outdated references to the Department of Justice and the former INS with references to DHS and its components, the current version of Form I-9 is the same as the 11/21/91 edition. The edition date on the rebranded Form I-9 reads "(Rev. 05/31/05)Y". Employers may meet their employment verification requirements under the law by completing a Form I-9 that has an edition date of either "(Rev. 05/31/05)Y", "(Rev. 05/31/05)N", or "(Rev. 11/21/91)N" in the lower right corner of the form. DHS is curently in the process of making substantive changes to the Form I-9 in connections with previous rulemakings and plans to introduce a new Form I-9 at the end of this process."

    Also, the I-9 available for download on the DHS website is the 05/31/05Y form and other than a different typeset and references to DHS rather than INS, there appear to be no changes - including in acceptable documents.

    Perhaps the system that Pork is using has different requirements because of that particular system??
  • Same mumbo jumbo convoluted nonsense. I beg you to tell the forum, and the world, how SAVE will catch me under this scenario, which by the way, all of the illegals use now:

    Assumed Identity

    1-Gene (illegal) goes to the local illegal hang-out in West Point, MS and buys himself a new identity (name, ssn, dob). The identity belongs to a hispanic male, similar in age to me who is a citizen or bonafide permanent resident. Gene just became Cesar Chavez. I get ID's (the good ones, not the crap cut and paste stuff the illegals get at the border) to match my new identity. In most cases, the SSN card is stolen, so it's the actual one.

    2-Cesar Chavez applies at Prestage and gets put into the SAVE system. Cesar gets cleared by the SAVE system. Prestage just hired Cesar Chavez (a US citizen or perhaps even a permanent resident), who is really Gene Reyna, an illegal alien residing in West Point, MS.

    3-Prestage HR personnel go to the town square, climb a stump and pontificate to the world that they have all FOREIGN NATIONALS cleared through the FREE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT SYSTEM. "Sleep well, fellow citizens, we have zero illegals working in our plant and living in our fine community".

    I will go back to my board, and come back tomorrow to read your latest rant and nonsense on how you or your SAVE system will take a strand of pubic hair left on the urinal by an applicant in order to match identities.

  • Now Gene, the thinned-skinners are slowly coming back. Don't you go and ruin it.

    This post is not intended to offend anyone, although the intent, as we all know, doesn't really matter if a reasonable person would be offended. It is OK to be thin-skinned. It is also OK to be thick-skinned.
  • Gene: You are way to engrossed into your bekiefs that all foreign nationals are illegal. By your little story I sense a discriminating thought and activity in your mind and actions. I preach now and have forever more that we do not discriminate between people who seek employment with our company. I am not capable of doing it now, nor was I capable of doing it back in the beginning years of this Federal and in Some states a written LAW. What our government has now done for the private employer is to give us the HR personnel working in this world of work of ours a means of simply identifying a person with mis-matched data. The identification of an illegal foreign national is put out there in someone else's arena and has taken that responsibility off of the private employer HR's back.

    If your scene is to play detective and US Marshall over the work force for the illegal alien your company employs, then so be your efforts. Good luck on your efforts for as you say the illegal can buy whatever he/she needs to get pass you or me.

    I am banking on the facts on the documents presented to me are factually correct and that "Osama Bin Laden" is not employed by my company as Sedrick Chavez, who is currently en the verification process and he has 9 more days to come back to me with a corrected data sheet from USCIS. I no longer worry about illegals, I worry about the completion of the I-9 on time and verified against whatever data bank that the system is linked. I worry about the resolution of each case and the appropriate filing of the documentation for a ready reference to the actions of this company as it pertains to the I-9 and our supporting Basis Pilot Program.

    Thanks for coming over to this board and helping out with the preaching of this very positive action on our behalf "The Professional HRs of this world".


    Larry C: No, I could not have stopped with the first sentence, there are lots of HRs reading these threads and gaining good information so that they can and do have a need for this information. To have stopped with the first sentence would have left other HRs with the same thought as you unfulfilled.

  • This stuff is not helpful pOrK, same mumbo jumbo. I amnot interested in discriminating against foreign nationals (to borrow your term) any more than I am interested in playing US Marshall.

    You have once again attempted to defend a system that has known flaws and vulnerabilites which are being exploited every day. You are providing a major disservice to our profession with your one-sided reporting.

  • Gene: Dis-service to our profession???? Come on you know better, we are rounding the corner of having a full year history of the use of this program for the value of my company. The 100% success of the program to identify 100% of every person we have employed since signing on to the program, speaks for it self. The score/record is many to none. In that number there have been several referrals of both US Citizens, as well as, foreign nationals referred. The Us Citizens have come back with their data corrected. We have not seen again the 3 foreign nationals also referred and their employment has been terminated as a result of being absent from the work site. We have actually got on-going a Mr. Chavez who has until the 20th of January to return or be terminated for absentism. Note, that there is no discussion of illegal aliens in our process and it should also be noted that we have "zero charges" pending of National Origin Discrimination.

    So what factual proof do you have that validates your claims of flawed systems and I am not speaking to the document you created and sent to FORUM members of your proof of a flawed system. I once asked you to sent the document to me so that I could give it to the staff for their study and correction of the system that allowed Mickey Mouse to be employed by your company. You refused to help me, you refused to help another Professional HR and have continued to attempt a put down of the system and me. You have not done either, so as you wrote, go on back over to your other board and enjoy your world of wonderment.

    Again I thank you for your professional correction of some of my information posted. Like Calico HR, it helps to remind us that we are not Gods gift to the working world, but we also have little room for incorrect information. The correction of the I-9 Form information was indeed helpful and it cause me to go back and fix our base enrollment package and throw out the previous new form. It also allowed me to read all of the news that I had not taken the time to read.

    PORK May we have another Blessed day in our world of work and life itself!

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