I have to come up with a set of key performance indicators for the HR department. This will be used to score my department for the annual bonus. I am at a loss as to what I can use for KPI's. There's not much I can control-insurance premiums, wc accidents, participation in company events. Does anyone have suggestions? It needs to be things that can be rated. Does anyone else have KPI's?



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  • The areas I'm "graded" on are quantifiable and easy to measure - work-related accident frequency, turnover statistics, health premiums, etc. Contrary to your post, you can have control over many of these things. In the five years I've been here, health premiums have either stayed level or gone down due to good shopping and periodic plan design changes. Workers' compensation rates are directly affected by claims frequency and your safety training program can go a long way toward correcting that. I had nine claims when I came here in 2000 and last year I had one. I'm shooting for zero-claims this year.

    so, as you can see, you do have direct control over some of these areas. Good luck. Hope this helps.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-03-05 AT 02:06PM (CST)[/font][br][br]I agree with Parabeagle, however think about where you have real control and where you don't. Stay away from turnover - many people leave because of poor management - and unless you are in charge of management training you have little control. They also leave because they find higher paying jobs, move out of state and some die. You don't want to be stuck with responsibility for that. How about some other stuff like - review your employee handbook to make sure that it is current, rewrite your employee handbook, develop policy documents on whatever, develop new sources for your recruiting, analyze your pay structure and write a report about deficiencies, develop some training programs on whatever etc. etc.
  • Gillian's point regarding turnover stats is well taken. In my company, I am responsible for the training of managers, so turnover is something that reflects directly on me. If my training is effective, there should be no bad managers. But if you have no control in that area, don't use turnover stats.

  • Thanks to you both. I do not have control over management training, so I can't really do anything about that part. The turnover isn't really an issue. The handbook and policy writing is a good idea. I do that anyway, so might as well get extra benefit from it. Ditto insurance. Shopping for insurance as you all know is a mind-boggling job each year.

    Thanks for your help!
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