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WHOA how did that happen two post for one. I tell you below how bad I am at these computer things. I thought the other one had been caught up in the dust and blown away to cyberspace.

I am back for an update. Our company has now successfully enrolled 50 new employees over the last 6 months and validated everyone of them with the data banks of the old immigration folks and the SS Administration. I am 100% delighted with the results and only wished, that we private employers could have had the Basic Pilot Program on-board 6 years ago. The Federal and State governments have had the S.A.V.E. program for years.

For those not in the know the Basic Pilot Program is an on-line system for the verification of I-9 data applied by the ee and the employer in the completion of the I-9. The on-line system will allow for the employer to validate the documents presented by the ee as his/her proof of a right to work in our companies. The foreign national that knows that he/she is illegal simply no longer comes to our door for hiring because they know that we check the data contained on each document.

It is working for us and I highly recommend the system. I, an old man, with limited abilities to use the computer system has learned to use this tool and it now only takes about 5 minutes to get an approval or a non-confirmed document. If approved I attach it to the I-9 and write in the case number on the I-9 as a reference and continue on with the inprocessing and enrollment of the employee.

This system is available for all private companies and it is free. I highly recommend you seek out this opportunity and get your company on-line and make your HR worries less.


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