FORUM: I have today completed 50 verifications of the I-9 data in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Basic Pilot Program, which if you are not aware is the baby sister to the Federal Governments S.A.V.E. program.

TN HR once was very much opposed to this program and may still be, but none the less I have been extremely happy with the results provided to me with this program and highly recommend your enrollment and participation. In this FORUM's past history there are many words and lively discussions on our forum with me being the lead "for" and TN HR the lead "opposed". I know the staff of the Basic Pilot Program have discussed the disagreement of TN HR, but they would only tell me that their issues had been resolved. I have seen nothing in writing to tell me that TN HR is now in support, so for now assume he is not and move toward the enrollment of your company and the capabilities of this program to give your company documentation of your work to validate the contents of the I-9. It works for me and 100% verification of our every employee hired by our company with the completion of the I-9. We have only got 211 employees so we are about to come to an end unless we expand our company or more old timers like me retire or move on so new bodies can be enrolled.

Let me know if any of you are interested in the links to get on-line with this good system designed to help the HR do his/her job better and with less concern for am I doing it right.



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  • I would like the site info so I can try. thanks
    See post above from Kai.

  • [url]www.vis-dhs.com/webBP[/url] is the link that I have saved but this may be for those of us who have already registered. If you use the link given by TN HR in a "google search" it should get you to where you want to start. After you go through the registration process they will give you a User ID and an initial password, which you will have to change about every 90 days or so. It is well worth the effort.

    TN HR, I am glad to see you post on this thread and provide good data for the young HRs everywhere to use in the "getting on-board" with this very important program.

    Last week I had one of our previous employees to call from Canada and wanted to know if he could be re-employed in our company. My response was that it would be an absolute NO, if he came to us with his previous papers for we were on-line for I-9 verification with DHS/SSA, and he would have to undergo that process as the previous person, we had hired and his papers this time would have to be validated with his I-9 data. "Enricque" knew that his papers would not pass the test, and decided not to come back. One more illegal alien turned away from our doors.

    Hope all of you that have sent me an e-mail on this subject will jump on-board with The Basic Pilot Program for the verification of I-9 information and enjoy the feeling of a job well done and well documented for your hiring actions.

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