Basic Pilot Program and SAVE

Forum: Yes, I am back with another up-date to let everyone know that Dec 31, 2005 is getting ever so close. For some of you maybe Katrina and all of her furry may have delayed our governments intent to go full force with mandatory use of the SAVE program. With all of my efforts and words with President Bush he has not seen fit to stop the progress already made on the execution of a means (a system) whereby HRs every where can execute the I-9 Program with dignity and respect for our fellow man/woman that just might not be in our country based on legal rights.

Since my last up date Katrina has blown in and TN HR called to check on my "being" he found me busy, but well. Thanks for your concerns and prayers.

TN HR & LivingdonSouth you do not need to post any negativity about SAVE/Basic Pilot Program, we all know of your less than interested opinions. BY the way I have still failed to NOT get a clearance for the hire of anyone based on SAVE or the Basic Pilot Program. NOR have I gotten a clearance to hire anyone from the program. THAT IS NOT THE PURPOSE OF THE SYSTEM. For those that are interested, my e-mail is open for your questions about the above statements. If not a hire or a fire purpose, then what is the purpose of SAVE/Basic Pilot Program? The answer has to do with the professional actions of all HRs, everywhere, including TN HR and LivingDonSouth.

I'm back and sorry for having missed all the good actions rendered by this most worthy HR forum.

PORK, PS: We are now producing 11,500 "piglets" a week. We are cooking 5 prime hogs this Saturday and Sunday for the displaced US Citizens from the really deep South, that are being housed in our community.

I read several postings about help to the victims of Katrina; I recommend you give money to your Red Cross or Salvation army nationally. They are putting the dollars where it is needed most. If you can, give "blood", it will soon be needed to fight the diseases that are beginning to follow and show its "ugly head", too.


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  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-08-05 AT 04:15PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Glad to see you posting pOrK. As a token of diplomacy on behalf of the fine State of Tennessee towards our distressed neighbors south of us, I will refrain from trashing you about S.A.V.E. for one day only.


    Edit: I just read on that President Bush has declared 9/16 as a national day of mourning for victims of Katrina. On that note, I will keep all comments about S.A.V.E to myself until then.
  • C'mon Gene - at least let him rest until the 5 prime hogs have been consumed by the Evacuees.

    To Pork: Glad to hear directly (sort of) from you and commend your and your communities efforts on behalf of our beleagured citizens from the Deeper South.

    No comments from me one way or the other on the SAVE program.
  • Gene, the president actually declared it a national day of prayer.

    Anyway, Pork, glad to know it hasn't dampened your spirits and you're back to business in good health. You rolled up your shirt sleeves and did something to help. That's to be admired.

    Welcome back.
  • Glad to hear you're back to your ole' self there, Pork. There are 60 semi's loaded with supplies headed your way from the Mall of America which is our central collection site. We have open homes and beds at Camp Ripley waiting for refugees, but now it seems as though we're not going to get the numbers that we had been expecting. One lady on the news has a beautiful lake home that she has available for a full year, rent free, but no takers. Nobody wants to come to Minnesota. Is it something we said? I guess I don't blame them. If something happened here, I wouldn't go too far away.

    As a bell ringer for the SA, I can say that they are a most worthy charity, indeed. Good people.

    My way of giving is a little strange. My wife and I give to the local food shelf on a weekly basis and during these kinds of disasters, the local food shelf tends to dry up because of the diversion of the normal charity to disaster relief. Because of that I double my giving to the local food shelf as my way of giving for disaster reief.
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