article on S.A.V.E. program?

Don't ask me how I got signed up for the free newsletter, but I did find a link to an article that looks like Pork's S.A.V.E. program, though they call it the "Basic Pilot Program." I'm always looking for more information when it comes to verifying "too good to be true" things, especially when they're sponsored by the government (whoops, did I just say that out loud?!).




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  • I would be glad to share with you "real world" on-the-ground testing of this pile of crap. To me, it is just that, another bureaucratic pile of crap. In my experience, the individuals who apply for work are doing so with valid numbers and credentials, except they belong to someone else. Impossible to detect. No system in the world can do that.

    I have screenshots of the SAVE Pile of Crap where I have "verified" Mickey Mouse using a citizen's SSN and fake A# of 12345789.

    I'm glad it's working for some, but realize it is just a false safety blanket. To tout this system as anything else is simply assinine.

    I would almost be OK if pOrK said something to the effect of "for those who wish to continue hiring illegals and wish to do so with Government sanction, there is a new system that will verify the info you need to remain under the radar". Instead, he pontificates his mumbo jumbo about SAVE and the FOREIGN NATIONALS that he kicks out of his office daily and sends to his local DHS office for DATABASE corrections.

    Sorry for the rant. I'm having a bad day.

  • Hey, that's what we're here for, right? And, come on - I didn't really expect a positive response to a whole post thread on SAVE... x;-)
  • I am taking both your names! Atrimble and TNHR. You will both pay dearly for reviving or recreating another thread on SAVE. Just wait, you just wait till hE sees this and starts his rant. I have your names and you will pay!
  • Don, do you keep your files on-line or in a fireproof cabinet?
  • Atrimble: Thanks, for some of our Forum members do not understand the SAVE program it is a question of being "hard headed" and un-able to thus understand the value of SAVE Program.

    I have not hired nor fired any employee based on the SAVE program. I have hired, placed, all employees to work and then received the authorization document from the government, which provides a written document which is attached to the I-9 that the employee and I completed in accordance with DOL procedures and our company policy.

    I have accomplished this with every employee regardless of nationality or citizenship. I have 100% success of processing I-9s and employees authorized to work in our country. I have also 100% success at identifying employees that have a mis-match with I-9 data/information provided by the individual and the data that is or may not be on the governmental data banks.

    We have identified 2 employees that were foreign national and one that was a US Citizen. All three were sent to the appropriate government agency in which there was a mis-match of I-9 information.
    1)The US Citizen came back to us with a document that identified the specific mis-match information on the I-9; we pulled the suspension and sent the individual back to work and paid him for his time waisted for it was our error in the first place with an error in the sequence of the SSNs, placed on the I-9. We made the correction on the I-9 and our employment records and re-submitted the SAVE information and the non-confirmed response from the SAVE program was resolved and we then received the authorized to employee document.
    2)The two foreign nationals were, likewise, suspended and sent to the appropriate agency. They simply did not return and after the 8 day period, given in written format, they were appropriately terminated IAW our company policy on absent situations.

    Again, I have a document for each step taken under the SAVE program; no person can accuse this company of discrimination in our hiring procedures as it pertains to the I-9 process.

    As a professional HR, I remember well, when the I-9 came on-board and we had no way to validate any document provided by the employee as proof of his/her right to work in our country. TN HR can stick his head in the lettuce pile and continue to stand behind the "un-real belief" that the documents provided by his employees in the produce fields or the loading docks are 100% valid just because they look right.

    We can do better than that now, we can check the data provided on the I-9 and validate the data regardless of the document provided to the HR person, as proof of the valid nature of the the I-9 information.


    P.S. The BBQ pork dinner for the hurricane evac's was a success! It is amazing how the large numbers are now moving out of shelters rapidly and into more permanent situations homes are being opened locally and the numbers remaining in the dorms will soon be zero. That is wonderful news! Thanks to all out there that were and are continuing to support the coast. New Orleans will not be the same for a long while and the beaches and gambling facilities will be much reduced for a while.

  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-12-05 AT 02:48PM (CST)[/font][br][br]"TN HR can stick his head in the lettuce pile and continue to stand behind the "un-real belief" that the documents provided by his employees in the produce fields or the loading docks are 100% valid just because they look right."

    And you can stick your head up a fat sow's arse and continue believing the fairy tale that you are somehow above board because you use SAVE. You still have more illegals than I do.
  • I sincerely doubt that for I know how many illegals we have, which resulted from the very process you use. I, too, used to have my head up a fat sow's arse, until I was able to extract my neck and then the head to put my brain into gear and look for smarter ways of doing business. If there had never been a President Clinton amosity program which was a total failure, I would not have known 16 out of 16 of our foreign nationals employed with apparantly good looking documents. They jumped at the amnosity program and sought our assistance to change their status. All but five have departed and they remain on their original documents.

    We will soon I hope will be told how to handle these 5 year old applications for which the government has put on hold until our government decides what to do. Before Katrina, it looked like the temporary work permit was going to move us to a finish.

    None the less pull your head out of the lettuce pile and smell the roses that is presented with the SAVE Program. you will be welcome with friendly arms.

  • Right, so you really believe all your illegals came forth during Clinton's amnesty? My experience has been that less than 20% came forward. Why would they? What was the incentive? Risk getting caught and never really getting anything permanent or continue to fly under the radar? I can't believe you are so naive pOrK............
  • President Bush was down here several times. Did he stop by the bar-b-que? I noticed in another of your posts you remarked that you had been having conversations with him. x:-)
  • Yeah, he also claims to have been "activated" into Civil Service by President Bush to lead the SAVE implementation.
  • Yeah, and ain't it nice! He likes PORK, too.

  • Are you implying that he came by your BBQ? Do tell. Seriously pOrK, you have emnbellished your stories enough and now it's time someone calls hog sh*t on you.

    You've boasted that President Bush has called you into active duty to implement SAVE. You've also boasted about having "talks" with the President. I mean, c'mon, POrK, do you really believe all this fairy tale stuff? Do you really think anyone else buys this crap? Give me a break!
  • I sincerely doubt that for I know how many illegals we have,

    It is interesting indeed that you say you are aware that you have illegals. It is also interesting that you told me in a private message eight months ago that your corporate owner told you to let them lay low and not mess with them in anticipation that Bush may grant them some sort of amnesty. This is a violation of federal law, regardless of S.A.v.e and all the rhetoric. Knowingly employing illegals is a federal crime. Period.
  • PORK - Admittedly I know nothing about the S.A.V.E. program other than what I have read here on the forum. I would like to know, how you address the fact that a false ID (Mickey Mouse) was verified by S.A.V.E.? (I'm assuming the poster's info was correct here.)
  • NJJEL: I can not vouch for the physical nature of putting data into the system, when the MOU with the DHS strictly forbids that information to be processed. For all that information posted just might be a little stretch of the truth.

    Have I spoken to President Bush myself, no; have I received a letter from his office encouraging me as a team player of SAVE, yes. I never said that I had a personal verbal conversation; those original words were tagged to me and I accept them as confident that the President and his staff want the employer to use SAVE. Without it we HRs are on our own. I highly recommend you check SAVE out and sign up for the program.

    Please remember that it does not give you authority to hire anyone, nor does it give you the authority to weed anyone out of the hiring process. It does allow you to input the I-9 information and receive guidance on what you, as the HR that has hired someone with mis-matched information, is to do at that point in the hiring process.

    I have asked the SAVE staff to input Mickey Mouse and any ssn into the system and list the documents associated and to see if they get back an authorization to hire. They did and were not able to do it. So there is something more to TN HR story that we are allowed to know. It makes no difference to me whether it worked for him and his purposes or not. The SAVE program has been 100% available to me and I feel comfortable in knowing that the employees, I have hired have validated I-9s on file in my office. The foreign nationals that have come on-board sense starting SAVE are validated and enjoying great job opportunities with our company.


  • DON: Their credentials look just like those that any of your foreign nationals have provided to you. I have no documents that prove they are illegals. Their confessions are protected by the same laws of this great nation that you and I are protected. I, believe truly in our democracy and the right to privacy and of all people in our society. I would be a fool to falsely accuse an employee of being an illegal when I can not prove the fact. I am specifically forbidden to go back and validate any employee records for the I-9 truth, I am specidically forbidden to input data into the system to create a false verification, like TN HR says he has done! I have challenged the SAVE staff to do as TN HR writes that he did and they could not validate the information. I know TN HR has my telephone information and he has not provided me with the printed document that is the "case resolved form" that has Mickey Mouse as the employee. I wonder when I will get it for I will send it right to the SAVE staff for correction of the system that they can not get to repeat the same information. To produce that document my company ID would be identified and my violation of the MOU would be discovered!

    Enough said.

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