SSN on-line verification

FORUM MEMBERS: (please take this opportunity to enhance your I-9 verification and hiring practices!)

As promised over two years ago, I have been notified that the Commissioner of Social Security has authorized the national enrollment of any employer any where for the same opportunity this company has had for the verification of social security numbers.

You may learn more about this government program and enrollment at [url][/url].

If you are already enrolled in SAVE you need not apply for this on-line program, because it is the front half of the SAVE program. Yes, I admit there have been some compromise in the verification of false id. However, when true the individual has documents on file with your office that once revealed "as a false ID", you have the ability to terminate the employee for those false documents.

The SSA requirement, when we first enrolled, was to only check / verify those applicants with whom we had "interviewed and made a job offer". When the SSN comes up as a mis-match you must suspend the "in processing" and send the potential employee to the SSA for correction of personal data. Once the data is corrected the SSA will give you a print-out. which will tell you the data has been corrected. The corrected information is then entered onto the company personel programs and when necessary with the office of the IRS.

The program ask for: correct name spelling, SSN, DOB, and gender. Once on-line it takes about 1 minute 'start to finish', unless there is a mis-match. Even US Citizens can have a mis-match. Current employees should also be check. We had about 12 employees that were checked and sent to the SSA to get mis-match information corrected. Their mis-match information for the most part was the GENDER information, next was typo SSNs/DOB/name spelling. All data entry errors.

If you are not going to enroll in SAVE, then,at least sign up with SSA and use the system to make sure the people you enroll are correctly enrolled in the Social Security System.

Once on-board and the word gets out that you verify SSA numbers the chances of someone, who has a false SSN, seeking your company out as an employer will be very small.

This program is designed to help you verify vital SSN information and nothing more. It does work and has been very helpful to this employer.

Again it is available to all employers.



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