I-9 On-line verification service

[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-10-05 AT 04:35PM (CST)[/font][br][br]HERO Forum members: I have been today appointed as our company administrator for the SAVE program, a pilot program which provides an on-line verification of SSN and WORK PERMIT data.

An employer can apply for the capability to verify the information recorded on an I-9 form. The Department of Home Land Security and the Social Security Administration have put it all together. The SSA, pilot program for the verification of SSNs, names, date of birth, and gender remains in place as a test. It is still a pilot program, but this addition of private employers will soon have the program in full force for everyone to use on-line.

We are currently in both, but as soon as we have some practice with the new SAVE Program, we will no longer need the SSA test, as it will be fully integrated with the SAVE program. In fact the SAVE program will do the SSN validations first and the "work permit" varification 2nd. If there is no requirement for the validation of a "work permit" due to the checking of the US Citizen box on the I-9 form, the case will be resolved and registered, as complete. If there is a mis-match the program will create a letter for the employer to give to the employee and guidance to report to the nearest SSA for resolution of the mis-match. When the employee returns the employer can then submit a reverification after a 24 hour wait and all is good for the SSA & IRS.

Initially this program was only for government agencies. The private employer can now apply and operate for all NEW HIRES. There is an MOU to be completed and you will have to go through a system TUTORIAL with a final ON-LINE exam.

Pretty good test, but if you read the TUTORIAL and watch for the TIPs to print this page for your job "smart book", the answers to the examination are there. It took about 2 hours and upon passing the exam, I was authorized to now use the system FOR ALL NEW HIRES FROM THIS DATE FORWARD, REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE.

The [url]https://www.vis-dhs.com/webBP[/url] will get you to the SAVE program registration.

Hope all of you will consider this action worth while and get your company aligned with the USA, Department of Home Land Security efforts to secure our borders. With this program the government provides you the HR with the capability to hire authorized personnel for your company. Any mis-match of the Work Permit is referred to the Immigration folks for resolution of recorded data bank errors.

May everyone enjoy a Blessed week and a brighter year.


As we begin to use this new on-line service, I will up-date "our HR forum" on issues or problems that we confront , if any. The system has been in place for several years and we private employers are the new add on to the program as well as the SSN verification.


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  • Pork: Assuming this system proves workable, and it is designed to be, HR will have one-stop ability for the I-9 process. It has to be better than the current requirements.
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  • Peyton: What do you mean by 'one stop ability'?
  • good afternoon pork, i"m interested in this program. I tried to follow your link but it takes me to the login window with nowhere to register. let me know, email me to [email]sdriz@visionexpressltl.com[/email]
  • I'm unclear on a couple of things. Does this new system take the place of the ee filling out the I-9 form or does this verify what they fill out on the form? Also once we certify that their info is correct electronically, does the er still need to keep the I-9 on file?
  • NJJEL: NO, it is specifically the I-9 and the recorded data to include the er data and signature that should generate a need within 3 days of the actionable I-9 (NEW HIRE) to make an inquiry and start a verification process. Within seconds, you will get a response either confirming the I-9 information or you will get back a NON-CONFIRMED response. With a confirmed data, it is then printed out and attached to the I-9 and filed as you are now doing in a seperate I-9 folder. A NON-CONFIRMED will cause you to go further into the program to find out the "why" and get a copy of a referal letter to the employee, which will send the ee off to either the new INS or the old SSA. The NON-CONFIRMED will be researched and corrections made (within 14 days), you will then receive a PENDING notice while the ee "continues to work". If the ee does not come back and after the given required time" the action is closed out and the employee's case is resolved with a new CONFIRMED because the ee gives you new information to input, which will clear up mis-matched data. Or a TERMINATION MIGHT BE IN ORDER due to "your attendance policy".

    YES, you will attach the generated reports and documents in the I-9 file, I suggest by alphabet. I will also choose to keep a like copy of the entire action in the personnel file of the individual. If your computer will not print the responses for record, then you must copy case "number" and information on the face of the I-9.

    The system is a little more complicated than the SSA, but then the I-9 is also more complicated and more data to match and procedures followed to protect the employer and the government against discrimination. For me the ole computer world is complicated and frightful to me, but I am ready to tackle the learning curve with our next new-hire.

    I hope this clears up your concerns. Now let me get back to the last post to give you guys the ability to get to the login page with the information to infact login.


  • STELLAD: I am sorry i will get back into the links and find the actual entrant link, prior to the login page.
  • THANKS STELLAD: The starting place is [url]http://uscis.gov/graphics/services/SAVE.htm[/url]

    After you get your user id and password you will want to save the log on page to your favorites listing. There is an MOU to sign, you will get those from the program and print off, sign them and FAX your signature page to the telephone number provided. The agreement will also be signed by the SSA & USCIS and all forwarded back to you by mail. In the mean time you'll get confirmation e-mail all in the same day.

    Good luck everyone!

  • I looked into this about 2 weeks ago and it appears that there are only a handful of states that are "cleared" to utilize this service, and Alabama was not one of them. Is that your understanding as well?
  • VPHR: NO, it is now open to all government agencies and employers nation wide. The SSA program in which we are also involved remains a test program. However, the SAVE program is available for everyone who has a need to verify the I-9 data. We CAN NOT go back and check our other employees, but we certainly can now go forward and check all of our future employees. After we get up and running with the SAVE program, I will no longer have a need to verify the SSN, NAME, GENDER, and BD because it will be accomplished by the SAVE program administered by the USCIS Department in concert with the SSA.

    Previously, we could check the SSN of everyone to whom we were offering a job. During the inprocessing part of employment we would go into the test program and validate the SSN, if there was a mis-match we would stop the enrollment process and send the person to the SSA for correction of the MIS-MATCH. On most job offers the first thing we did was to complete the I-9.
    We cleared up many US Citizen records with the mis-match which normally would take a morning or afternoon to get the error corrected. Others simply would not return, which included a couple of US Citizens who were mis-coded by GENDER and got mad at us for causing them to have to go check and correct their SSA record and they did not return.

    With the new SAVE program I had to agree to put the person to work and within 3 days to make an inquiry, then send the person for corrections. This date at one of our remote locations a person was put to work and we will have to go get the paperwork accomplished then come back to the office and do the first inquiry. The job was offered last week and the SSN was checked at that time; however, the I-9 has not been inserted into the system. I just completed the training on the SAVE system and signed the MOU yesterday, so I feel that we will be ok, because the SSN checked out, but we were not able to check the picture ID before, we will now. I have been seeking a way to verify the work permit, a picture ID, and SSN together. We now have it on-board.

    You can also regardless of your type of organization or state. The National Driver License standards are currently under review it is in a Bill passed and the President will soon sign. Some states are concerned for the verification of personal data and the time it will take. So the SAVE program will put everyone on notice that it only take seconds to verify most of the data.

    I hope this helps everyone, go check out the web site and get enrolled. No HR in the USA should be without this program. A professional HR, will get there in order to make our systems of record keeping better and more accurate.

    I really am looking forward to tomorrow to run my first inquiry or get re-trained, because, I pasted the exam, but may not have learned to use the system. I will keep you posted as soon as I have the situation tried and proven.


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