Company Car Policy

Does anyone have a company car policy they'd be willing to share? I'm looking for one for a small business.


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  • I'm not really sure what specifically you are looking for or if this is any use to you at all but this is what we have:


    1. Cars are available to county employees needing to travel on County business.

    2. Seatbelts must be worn by all occupants traveling in County owned vehicles, in accordance with state law.

    3. Central Services will oversee the daily use and scheduling of vehicles.

    4. Cars will be parked on the east side of Annex I.

    5. Keys will be kept in Central Services.

    6. Cars may be reserved in advance by calling the Switchboard Operator.

    7. Cars must be returned to the County parking lot, ON THE EAST SIDE OF ANNEX I, at the end of each day. CARS ARE NOT TO BE TAKEN HOME.

    8. Keys are to be returned to the Switchboard Operator upon returning to the courthouse.

    9. Anyone returning after 5:00 p.m. are to bring the keys back to the Switchboard Operator the following workday morning.

    10. Drivers should check gas before starting. If there is not enough for the trip, drive to the Sheriff's Department and they will fill the car up.

    11. All other fluid levels will be checked by the Maintenance Department.

    12. In each car there will be a log sheet to be filled out by each driver.

    13. After returning, take out all articles put in the car by you, and lock all doors.

  • Thank you for sharing your policy. I am looking for something for a small construction company that assigns vehicles to employees and they are allowed to drive them home and use for personal use as well. If anyone has anything like that, I'd appreciate it.
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