driver of year selection criteria

Every year our company gives a bonus to our delivery drivers who have met certain criteria. We also select a driver of the year based on supervisor reports.

I believe that some of the criteria we currently use are pretty subjective, and I would like to update the program using more objective criteria.
(My goal is to eliminate as much personal bias as possible, so that supervisor's are not able to rank their favorites higher than others unless there is a factual reason. - I realize that some bias will always play a role, I just want to be as fair as possible with this system so that the drivers can really respect the program.)

Does anyone else have a driver safety program? If so, do you have any suggestions for the kind of criteria I am looking for?

Thanks for your thoughts!


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  • Do you track customer complaints or customer attaboy's? If so, that could be objective criteria.
  • Although my experience in the past was with over the road, nationwide, long-haul drivers, not delivery drivers, you could probably consider some of the criteria we used: accident history, on time delivery, fuel economy, letters of appreciation from customers, customer satisfaction followup survey instruments, total miles logged, evidence of customer issues resolved or properly handled, adherance to company uniform requirements while on duty, dispatcher rating sheets, proper preventive maintenance check ins at shop as required, truck appearance spot inspections, drivers recruited.....that's about all I can remember.
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