California Bounty Hunter Law

Just curious how other CA companies are preparing for the new legislation effective Jan 1 (SB 796) that allows current and former employees to sue employers directly to recover attorneys' fees, costs and penalties for violations of the Labor Code if the state agency doesn't take enforcement action. We have reviewed the entire Labor Code (by splitting it into sections) and have identified several quick-fixes, but have some major issues with wage/hour especially (breaks/lunches for non-exempt and docking of exempt wages). Wondering what are some other companies' biggest concerns. Maybe I just need to commiserate.


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  • Yes, this is yet another fine example of the many ridiculous laws that our recalled governor signed prior to being tossed out of office. This law will undoubtedly create many lawsuits with employees and lawyers drooling with anticipation of big money awards.

    Review your policies and procedures and update as necessary! Make sure that you are in compliance with CA labor code to the letter, and more importantly- make sure that you stick to it in practice. One incident can cost even a small business hundreds of thousands in fees. Before, a minor infraction could be settled somewhat easily, but now every detail will be scrutinized.
  • Are you guys serious? You actually passed a law like that??? x:-o

    Glad we don't have any properties in California! Good luck!!!!

  • I was going to throw some rocks at legislatures that are compose primarily of attorneys and observe that there are more students in law schools than are currently practicing law, and that somehow the lawmaking bodies were generating more and more work for attorneys. But I am not going to make that observation because that would be overly cynical on my part. Not only that, but it would generalize an entire profession, which is not accurate nor fair.

    That said, look out for the rest of us, especially Western States that often follow the example set by our California neighbors.
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