Christmas party ideas

I would like to hear details about what other companies consider as their most successful Christmas parties (or other ways to celebrate with the employees).

Each year our company provides soup and sandwiches (a nice spread) for an employee lunch on Christmas eve. As everyone finishes eating, we have some type of gift giveaway, where we play games or something to give away about 15 nice gifts that the company has bought. (This is usually 1 gift for about every 2-3 employees who attend.) After the event, we close up and go home.

It is the responsibility of HR to plan the event, which has to be approved by the president. I always try to make the 'game' go as quickly as possible because I know everyone is itching to go home. (The dinner is optional, and employees are not on the clock. Most stay anyway for a chance at the prizes, and because it looks good.)

I would like to consider something a little different this year and would appreciate any ideas you have found to be successful. (For this purpose, I define successful as something that is truly appreciated by the employees.)


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  • When I used to work in a one-building facility, we would provide lunch like you do. While people ate, announcements would be made, such as employee of the year, that year's accomplishments, whatever other exciting news there might be. Holiday gifts were handed out (t-shirts, tote bags, whatever) Then afterward, there would be several game booths, facilitated by department heads.

    I gave each department head a materials and prize budget and free reign in creating their games. They were very creative and took a lot of pride in their booths;

    Fishing poles with magnets. EE would "fish" for felt ornaments off a big felt tree on the floor. A gift # would be written on the bottom of the felt ornament, and EE could pick a gift from that category. (i.e. #1 = gift valued at maybe $1, #2 = gift valued at maybe $5, #3 = gift valued at maybe $10. Of course there would be more #1's than there would be #3's.)

    Bean bag toss. Toss a holiday themed bean bag toward some kind of goal, like holes in a board, or cups on a floor. Similar prize theme as the fishing pole game.

    Dart toss. Toss darts at holiday themed baloons. Piece of paper inside baloon indicates prize won.

    Employees could get back in line and play as long as they wanted, untill all the prizes were gone.

    This worked really well, was inexpensive (maybe $400 in prizes for 100 employees). We were big customers of the Dollar stores that year, for prizes. x:D
  • We re-wrote the twelve days of Christmas for our business and got 12 people up sing it. The worse they sing, the better it is. People loved it!

    Margaret Morford
  • A different twist for us this year. One of our youth outreach programs brings teens to our building for afternoons of computer labs, community volunteer programs, art projects, etc. Things that keep them off the streets in the afternoons after school is out. This year they are putting on a 'Mystery dinner theater' with some of our staff sprinkled in. We all contribute to the feast and then sit down for this entertainment.

    Many of you do not have these teens sitting around waiting to be challenged, but how about contact your local high school drama club? Some of the colleges also have these clubs and might provide something a bit different at little or no cost (which is a biggie for us non-profits).
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