California WARN Act

Has anybody heard anything about the CA legislature repealing the CA WARN Act (AB 2957) that was effective 1/1/03? We've been spending countless hours dealing with the ramifications of it since last November and someone here said he heard that it might be repealed, but I haven't been able to find anything about it on the Internet. Any info would be appreciated.


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  • I do not believe that WARN Act has been repealed, in fact I believe they lowered the number of employees involved. I am looking through my newsletters to get more information. If I find it, I will respond again.
  • I found this at the DIR website, with an effective date of 1/1/03. I hope this helps:

    California WARN: As a result of AB 2957, California law now requires employers with 75 or more employees who layoff, relocate, or terminate 50 or more workers at once to first give 60 days notice to affected employees, similar to the federal WARN Act. This bill further provides for civil penalties against an employer who fails to give the required notice. Employees who bring a civil action to enforce the provisions of this bill are, at the discretion of the court, entitled to recover attorney's fees.

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