Who does background checks?

We employ drivers who deliver our product into various public and private businesses, including schools. We do reference checks according to DOT guidelines but we have not done criminal background checks.

We have been thinking that we should start doing them in order to protect ourselves. For example, we don't want to hire a sex offender who is not supposed to be around children.

My questions:
1. How do I begin finding a good service to perform our background checks, or how do I do them myself?
2. How do I find out where we should legally draw a line for offenses that are found on the background check? (hire a rapist convicted over 10 years ago, but not a thief convicted only 2 years ago?)

I don't mind being the one to offer someone a second chance if they screwed up in the past and paid their dues, but I would like to weed out habitual criminals and anyone that we should protect our customers from.

Thanks for any advice on how to get started, or establish a background check policy.


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  • We do extensive background checks because we have highly secure facilities. We use American Background. I can only find a fax number 540-722-4771. Be careful because some states prohibit discrimination based on criminal history unless you can prove it is vital to the company. An example would be not hiring a former bankrobber to work in a bank or a child molester to work at a daycare. Good luck, I hope I was of some help.
  • Another good option is OpenOnline. They have both an east coast and west coast office. You are able to access a lot of states criminal databases by the internet and they also provide a really good tutorial program and white papers on procedures including do's and don'ts. Their number is (800)366-0106 or [url]http://www.openonline.com[/url]. I have been very satisfied with their services and support. I process about 200 background checks a year.
  • We use a company called Strategic Information Resources 800-332-9479. They are relatively inexpensive and checks are usually back within 3 days. Remember as well that you can't use information that is older than 7 years.
  • I don't know about Kansas law but in Oregon there is no limit on how far back we can check for criminal history. I have actually had individuals who committed the crime over 7 years agao but through various court dates on still on probation!
  • We use a company called Laborchex. I found that it has been a wonderful resource. Your order your reports online, and you can go back any time to check them or reprint them. They do everything from employment verification, dmv reporting, criminal background checks and more. If you're in a hurry, they can also get it for you in an hour. You can find them online at [url]www.laborchex.com[/url]

  • We're a school district currently using a company called CMKA (Clarence M Kelly & Assoc.)out of Kansas City, MO. They do a very nice job for us and offer social security verification, sexual offender checks as well as driving records, felony checks and credit checks. We don't use all of the services, but they are reputable and reasonably priced. I am able to order services on-line and their turnaround time is usually not more than 3-5 days, sometimes only 1-2 days. I really like being able to get the sexual offender, felony and ss verification all on one report.
  • I've used Clarence M. Kelley in a couple of different lives as well - never had any problems with them. Their number is 816-756-2458 or visit [url]www.cmka.com[/url].
  • Lorrie, do you currently have a CRC policy in place? If you do not, I would be happy to share the one we use. I am the HR Coordinator for a home health agency, so all clinical staff must have a CRC prior to hire. Just email me at [email]cwinebarger@charter.net[/email]
  • Your state police may also offer a background check program as well...

    make sure that your application advises potential employees of the background check!
  • Thank you all for your responses.

    Another question: If we have one customer who requires a background check before drivers can enter their facility, can we do the check on only the drivers for that route, instead of ALL of our drivers? It seems to me that this would open a really smelly can of worms, but I hate to go through the time and expense for everyone if there is only one customer we need this for.

    Any other thoughts?
  • I would not want to run it on some people and not others. You need to be consistent with all employees.

    We used to use Clarence Kelly as well and had a couple problems with them missing some pretty big offenses. We have switched to ACS Data Search, and so far they have picked up everything. Their website is [url]www.acsdatasearch.com[/url].

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