Who does Background / Motor Vehicle Checks?

We are a malt beverage distributor and are interested in background and motor vehicle checks for our new employees. I once worked for a Car Rental company who used an outside source that was real good and simple to use. (did not require alot of paperwork). I would like advice, from any of you who use this type of service, on a company to choose or what to look for in a company that provides this service. There are alot to choose from on-line, just don't know how reliable or dependable the info is. HELP !!!

Thanks in advance.


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  • My advice is to thoroughly review a handful of the websites and correspond with three of them. Ask them to email you a price list for the various types of inquiries and a list of companies currently using their service. You can either ask them for national references or ask them to restrict the list to those in your area. You could also ask your Chamber of Commerce to give you a list of several right in your own community. You may find better rates and certainly more personal service right down the street.
  • WE USE DAC SERVICES 1-800-331-9175. Highly recommend, we fill out the information background checks needed. They do all the work and give us a printed response. When we fax the workorder, we fax the signatured authorization and a copy of the application with work and driving history. DACs does the rest. Cost is very reasonable and my time is not consumed trying to get hiring experience information. Pork
  • You might check your state DMV. The Ca. DMV has an employer program. It costs $15 per year per person. For that they send a printout quarterly and upon request. I don't know how that compares with other services. We don't have many employees that we check.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-07-02 AT 04:01PM (CST)[/font][p]Pork is right-on about DAC for commercial, nationwide history. I've used them extensively in a prior life with a major trucking company. They have a very complete database of all class-A commercial drivers, their accident histories and employment histories. All the major OTR companies use them and report to them as well to keep the database usable. If you are just interested in in-state 10-wheeler or van histories for example, though, Gillian's suggestion may meet your needs. If you want solid history that extends beyond your state boundary, DACs the way to go. If you want to outsource your background checks in-state, I go back to my original suggestion. You have a 3-headed coin to flip.

    PS: And if you need a safe place to park these malt beverage trucks while doing backgrounds, you should contact ME. x:-)
  • If you are just interested in DMV check with your insurance carrier. We send a notice to our carrier once a year with information on anyone who drives a company vehicle. (For those of you who are sticky, yes we get the employee's permission in writing before doing so.)
  • Thanks for all of the feedback. I will review the options and hopefully figure something out!!

    And if anyone else has input, Bring it on!!!
  • Wiremanufacturer, just remember when you retreive information such as MVR report from outside source such as an insurance carrier, this falls under the fair credit reporting act and you must have employees signed release for this.
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