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Does anyone have an "understandable" approach to the mismatch letters being sent by the Social Security Administation? I believe that I know what to do to correct employer's reporting errors, the SSA letter I received gave very clear instructions. What I need is a plain English explanation of what the employee needs to do and why (this then has to be translated to Spanish). I want to keep it simple s.....


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  • If I may, let me add a question to the original posting. What can an employer do, to PERSUADE employees to present correct information - to tell us which is wrong , the W-2 or the SS card ?? All the instructions in the world or reasoning doesn't seem to help . I get the feeling that some employees want the W-2 in a certain way, as that is the way their bank accounts and other photo identification are- even if the names used disagrees with the ss card. Changing the W-2 may cause other problems unforeseen.
  • How about this: "The accuracy of your Social Security Account information, maintained by the Social Security Administration, is in jeopardy. This could have a detrimental effect on such things as your benefits at time of retirement. Please see attached memorandum from this governmental agency. It is your personal reponsiblity and legal obligation to ensure that the information you provide to the IRS and the SSA are in agreement. Your employer does not share that obligation with you. If your W-2 does not reflect your full legal name, you should immediately request a blank W-4 from payroll and correct this information. If the name shown on your Social Security card has changed by reason of marriage, divorce or other legal cause, you must report that change to the Social Security Administration immediately. Their telephone number and address are: ____________________. Again, ___________(company)__________ has no obligation or responsibility for correcting the inaccuracies in your records." That looks pretty "simple _____" to me.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-14-02 AT 09:02AM (CST)[/font][p]Thanks DonD. I am usually capable of communicating with employees, but I hit the wall with this subject.

    I think your sample letter may not have answered the question from cebudragonlady. There was a good article on this subject in the Delaware ELL, if you are a law member ([i]I stumbled onto it!![/i]). Seems that INS [u]could[/u] conclude that because your employee can't or won't correct the problem, you are on notice that the employee may not be eligible to work in the U.S. The article cautions that employers should be very careful not to discriminate against someone.
  • I really, really think this is one of those occasions when we must hit the employee squarely between the eyes with the reality of personal responsibility. Once they understand their future might be affected and they see your use of the 'L' word (legal) in your memo, maybe they'll be 'encouraged' to take care of business. Some still won't though. At least you'll have done what you could do without offering to enable them.
  • This is the letter that I used. It was taken from the INS Basic Pilot Program.
    Good luck.

    We were notified by the Social Security Administration that the Social Security number you provided to us does not agree with the Social Security Administration's records. This does not mean that the information you provided is incorrect. There may be several reasons why the reported information doesn't agree with the SSA:

    1. Transcription or typographical errors
    2. Incomplete or Blank name or SSN
    3. Name Change.

    In order to correct your records, you must visit an SSA office. When you visit the SSA, you must bring proof of your age, identity and citizenship or Alien status (you must present original documents). Please call 1-800-772-1213 if you have any questions or to find out the location of the nearest SSA office.

    It is your responsibility to visit the SSA within 8 Federal Government work days from today to resolve your records. TAKE THIS FORM WITH YOU TO THE SSA.

    If, as a result of your visit to the SSA, any of the information you gave to your employer changes, you must notify your employer of those changes immediately.

    Your employer may not terminate your employment or take adverse action against you because your case has been referred to the SSA.

    If you do not under what you are required to do, please call the SSA toll free number and they will assist you.

    Date Referred to the SSA: ____________________________

    Name of Company: ______________________________

    Name of Company Official_______________________ Phone: ______________________

    Company Official's Signature: Date Signed:

    Employee's Signature: Date Signed:


    Office Stamp SSA Employee Name:

    Date of Visit:


  • Your form requests that it be completed by the SSA and returned to you. Are employers permitted or required to request this? Are we supposed to follow up with the employees listed in the letter and require proof of valid or corrected ID? The letter we received clearly states that the employment status of these employees should not be affected by the letter. We are not sure what we are supposed to do, other than to notify employees of a possible problem, and sending the SSA corrected W-2s.
  • The employee's status does not change but I do require them to go to SSA to resolve the issue and have the form completed by SSA so I have record that they went with backup documentation.

    I had one employee that I referred over to SSA (who later thanked me) because SSA had all the wrong information on file for him. I also referred an employee that I received the SSA letter for. Come to find out, she was never authorized to work in the United States and only confessed when she received the notice.

    I participate in the INS basic Pilot Program which works in conjunction with the SSA. When I verify a new employee's I-9 Form, I also verify the information on -line with INS and SSA. When an employee's authorization comes back with a question, this is the form that INS/SSA has me send along with the employee to resolve their employment eligibility.

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