Employee with Hepatitis B

We have an employee who has recently been diagnosed with Hepatitis B. He works in a manufacturing environment.
We are currently giving Bloodborne Pathogen training to all supervisors. This training will be extended to our production lines.
Is there anything besides training that needs to be done to protect fellow employees?


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  • I work for a small biotech laboratory.
    We require our lab personnel to take
    a blood borne pathogen workshop. They
    then must fill out a form stating that
    they (a) have already received the
    vaccination (b) have already had the
    infection (c) want to receive the
    vaccination (d) don't want the vaccine
    or (e) want their blood tested for
    antibody. We offer the vaccine at no
    charge to them but it is also covered
    under our insurance policy.

  • A person with Hep B should not be a risk to you as an employer and really no one needs to know that the employee has Hep B. Your Hep. B training should include the importance of universal precautions which should eliminate any risks you may have.

    I'm an HR Manager for facilities that have many Hep B carriers as clients. By teaching universal precautions we basically treat the blood and salvia of all as being contagious which then does not single out the Hep. B carrier.

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