Performance Appraisals

I would like information on a style of performance appraisal called "360 degree evaluation".


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  • Essentially, the troops get a chance to appraise the bosses. At my last place of employment (private Fortune 100 company), employees would annually appraise their bosses (communication skills, leadership, fairness, etc.). The supervisor is given the overall results which cannot be traced to particular employees. The results are used for development purposes. However, regarding an identified problem, if a supervisor doesn't clean up his/her act over two evaluation cycles and an identified problem continues to crop up, it is noted on the supervisor's performance evaluation and dealt with accordingly. Intersetingly, younger supervisors and those who hadn't been supervisors very long embrassed the process. Older supervisors or those who had been supervisors for a while didn't like it at all.

  • The message from Gar accurately reflects what the process is. A caution is that you shouldn't embark on this type of process unless there is top management support to do something with the results. Typically, there are supervisors and managers that are not rated very highly and the troopls will expect that something will be done to improve their skills. Then, if nothing happens, there goes your credibility.

  • I would echo both the previous answers and add to them. The manner in which this is introduced to the managers, how the process is administered and the follow-up mechanism is critical to getting your money's worth from this process. You might also do this with levels of management and not the entire management team, but start at the top. One company began with only the Senior Managment group and added a group each year. It was rolled out properly and was perceived as a benefit, sort of a sign that you had "arrive" as a manager when you got to participate. There are also some other feedback methods that are not 360 that may work as well, or better, depending on what your goal is. I would be glad to discuss this with you if you like. Call me at 615-371-8200.

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