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  • My thought is take the corporate card away for a little while.
  • We use Castlebranch.  Very quick turnaround and if I have an issue, very prompt resolution.  It is web based which I love.  They are based out of NC.
  • Doesn't matter is she doesn't want to pay them that amount or not.  An offer letter is binding.  She has to pay.  Get a good employment law attorney because it sounds like you are going to need it!  Good luck!!
  • Good grief.  I would update my resume and start looking.  This is a train wreck in the making.  I certainly understand the 5 weeks of PTO and benefits but it is not worth it when you have someone who is possibly not working in the company's best int…
    in Felon in HR Comment by sbrunn March 2009
  • Thanks.  Its what I thought but wasn't sure.  I certainly don't want to encourage but if they ask... I like your answer!
  • Yes it will get very ugly.  Especially with card check.  Those of you who do not have unions watch out!  There are seminars out there now teaching companies how to deal with card check should it become law, which I believe it will.  Personally, one …
  • If your employee was not injured in this work accident obviously workers' compensation would not be involved.  If you are not able to find any state laws then you will need to review past practices.   If your company has in the past paid employees w…