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  • Don't forget me Don. I'm going to see if Alum Boy will spring for my susbscription. I hear he's loaded.
  • James, I'm not sure how to contact you otherwise. My computer crashed and I don't know my user name and password for my Smace account. would you please email it to me?
  • I didn't know you could scare a possum. I tried that in college when one was standing outside my door and all it did was growl at me. I promptly went back inside and waited for it to leave.
  • See you Hatchet. I too appreciate someone who stands up for what they beleve. Even though I don't always agree with it. God bless. Stephen
  • If it is real I would have loved to see the face of that supervisor when he read it. Now that I think about it...I have to go, I'm not sure I erased those pictures. x:o
  • From what I know you are quite capable of forming opinions. I'm still not sure if I'm a subscriber. I get the law letter, but someone in customer service said I'm not a member. I'll try to log on whenever it ends and see what happens.
  • I almost edited my last post to say, "Where's Ritaanz." Thanks for the complement. I would sign in, but I can't remember my password. Seriously, I'm not Alum Boy. I do love to leave that hint of doubt, though. I like to keep people guessing. …
  • You said: Having a compulsion to have your memos and emails proof-read by a second or third party may be yet another reason a bean-counter should not be the head HR guru. So what did you mean by that statement, if what I infered is not what you int…
  • Alum Boy proofs them every time. To infer that someone should not be head of HR because they have other people look at their memos is dead wrong, IMHO. I say again that that is what should be done. I have smart people that work for me and I value…
  • That's ridiculous. When my boss writes memos, she runs them by me for inference, content and ramifications. I do the same with my benefits admin and safety coordinator. Quite often another set of eyes on an issue leads to an improved memo. The p…
  • Paul hit the nail on the head. If you have a strong Myers Brigg's F on staff (that you can trust) they will spot hurt feeilings a mile away. I can tell you how to spot one. If you want any more info email me.
  • Dude, you're a buzzkill. :oo
  • Oh come on Don, the Forum world will end soon. Who cares about those Forum police? I know a good lawyer.
  • Don't care. It's a waste of time worrying or thinking about it. I just concentrate on doing my little part to keep it going. I must admit there are times when I question why I brought children into this world. Then I hear them laugh or see them …
  • I don't know Beagle. I just read this: In his six years in the Senate, his voting record has moved from somewhat centrist to decidedly liberal. In 1999, based on an analysis of dozens of roll-call votes, the non-partisan National Journal ranked hi…
  • I love the music you are refering to, I saw Pink Floyd in the early nineties. Also went to a few Dead shows (talk about an interesting culture to watch). But it's not the music that makes the picture interesting. x}>
  • xclap
  • Here's the directions: Just for fun! Post your humorous employment-related jokes and situations here. (Please do be tasteful.) I know everything is not employment related, but no one so far has had an agenda. Jeffrey, you do. GIVE IT A REST!
  • If someone wasn't in the office next to me, I would have been in tears. I guess I enjoy juvenile humor. I immediately passed it on to UncleTed and the Out of the Closet Pooper. I will be sure to read this at the P.F.N meeting.
  • Why don't you talk to other "old timers" that are close to the person you are writing about. They should be able to give you some perspective.
  • blw, Just curious, have you ever heard of Georgia Bonesteel?
    in IF Comment by smaces_twin June 2004
  • Do you like the eastern or western NC bar-b-que better? BTW congrats on the braces.
  • You have to subscribe to the site. I don't think a link will work. Gotta go.... I hear the police coming.
  • As far as I know. I got the quote of an HR website that discusses court cases. It's a legitamite site.
  • My daughter's birthday was yesterday. She is two. I can't wait until she grows up enough to understand the significance of Barbara Bush and Sonny being born on her day. x:D BTW Happy b-day Sonny!
  • Not WC, but quite unusual. It was the Friday after Thanksgiving- great party night for a college kid home from school. I was the designated driver and had not had a drop to drink. We were leaving for the night and my friend just got a brand new J…
  • I want to know how many of these Parabeagle has actually done.
  • We have a plant in IL and I ran back to the hotel after training. It was only about 3.5 miles though.
  • Point taken. At least she has something to apsire to.
  • I nominate steel/alum boy for the "how many people can you piss off award."