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  • Remember folks, a severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer. x:D
  • What I want to know is what's in them darn briefcases/filefolders? If it's a severed head I'm going to be very upset.
  • I LOVE key lime pie. The best I've ever had was at McGrath's Fish House in Beaverton, Oregon. I'm allergic to seafood, but I will still go there and put up with the SMELL from HELL just to order a slice of key lime. x:)
  • Aw, you mean I can't call ya Farmer Don? x;)
  • Canned mushrooms? Wow. What are those like? Here in the NW we just step out to our backyards for mushrooms. x:D
  • Does this work for fried rice or just white rice? I like my San Francisco treats....they keep pretty good in tupperware in the fridge. Then I warm it up in the microwave and it's as good as new. Probably all that butter. =P~
  • Two words: Lane Bryant. I'm a full figured gal and I always find purdy things there that don't make me have to hold my breath while wearing them. x:)
  • Hire someone to jump out of a gigantic egg. Now THAT would spice things up!
  • Nope! I just eat at her house.
  • Beagle - we are lucky enough to have Tillamook cheeses in our neck of the woods but I don't think it is distributed all over the US. Too bad for those who've never tasted the yumminess that IS Tillamook Creamery Products. YUM!!
  • Alas, George Foreman is light years ahead of me in technology. If it takes more than a can opener then I don't make it. x:D Good thing I bought a condo across the street from my mom's house x:D
  • You can take baby steps and just eat a peanut butter sandwhich with chips on the side first. x:)
  • Hells bells Don, I make guys take me OUT for dinner! I'm not slaving over a hot stove until I've got a big fat ring on my finger. ;;)
  • Don for the second time today you have made me literally laugh out loud! xclap I love the forum - what did I ever do for entertainment at work before this? PS Hey James, we need an emoticon that has the little smiley face laughing!!!! x:=|
  • I don't know about the cookbook, but I think you could compile a pretty good book of your own quotes or write an HR guide, Don. I can see the titles now, "Don D Shoots From The Hip" "Don D On Walking The Talk" "A Beginner's Guide To HR: Imagine …
  • Yes Don, but you are my FAVORITE smarta$$. Does that make ya feel better? x:*
  • Ah yes, among the many things I've learned on the forum is never miss an opportunity to be a smarta$$! 8-}
  • Excellent point Leslie. Beag and I will pick you up on our way to Ray's. x;) Happy B-day Ray!
  • This is why I love the forum. You guys crack me up.
  • I am so unhip. I looked at the title of this post and thought it was going to be about the Mickey Mouse movie. #-o
  • I bought my condo (1500 sq feet, one car garage, two bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms) for $98,900 a year ago. It was appraised at $102,900 at that time and since then my county has said it's worth even more (don't remember exactly what the property tax s…
    in Housing Comment by Cinderella May 2004
  • I don't subscribe to one political party over another, I don't consider myself conservative or liberal (I'm conservative on some things and liberal on others - I'm a mutt!). I don't know all the laws of my own country, or probably even most of them…
  • I agree Beag. The lawyer is Muslim. I cannot help but think that was counted as "a strike against him". I hope it wasn't...but I have a strong feeling it was. Makes me even more sad about the situation.
  • D'oh #-o ! That makes sense. Thanks Beag.
  • I know someone who knows the man who was arrested and detained. A sad and scarey situation indeed. I just don't get the whole partial finger print thing...don't you have to have your prints on record in order for them to be identified in a law enf…
  • I like the idea of the fake snake. Some people who live a couple blocks from me have a wooden cut out of a YETI in their garden (or, my interpretation of a Yeti I suppose...). It works like a charm. It's pretty funny too. x:)
  • th-up x:P
  • Nah - all his pics were real and better yet they were recent. x:) So far we've been dating about 4 weeks and things are going GREAT. So great in fact it is kinda making my head swim. Butterflies and everything. x;)
  • Interference indeed x:P
  • Good for you Carrie! As long as one is cautious and careful I think Internet dating is a great way to meet people. Have fun!