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  • Thanks for that effort ! After I get home tonight, I will e-mail those who did express interest in keeping in touch. And yes, Don, I will e-mail you the answer also. Chari [email][/email]
  • James- You say that the "fee" will ensure that Forum members are really HR professionals. A number of the Forumites now have hundreds, even thousands of posts - these are professionals, even though no fee is paid now. Look through their posts, and …
  • Sorry, James - MLS may be a for-profit, but the steel fabrication company I work for is a barely break even operation, so money is tight here , so I can't get the subscription . I will really miss all the friends here on the Forum, their wisdom and …
  • Perhaps, an idea - HRHero should remove all specific State references in a members my own, for example, the "CA" would disappear - thus adding a layer of annonimity to shield us . Chari
  • I echo Gillian's comments exactly. Chari
  • Hahaha ! Made me laugh on the Last Day. Only addition to the recipie : That the last non-subscriber to sign off this afternoon , turn off the lights and lock the door. Filet of worn out Sole is best enjoyed in the dark ! Chari [email]calter@io…
  • Try the "linchon" , roast suckiling pig. Skin is burnt to a crisp while inside is moist and tender. You get a lot of meat for the money. Chari
  • Is the image ACTUAL size? ..if so, ouch ! I got a big laugh of it. Chari [email][/email]
  • Will the company be able to survive the loss ? Monetary as well as trust in the community. Chari [email][/email]
  • I am surprised the World has not ended yet - with all the bad news going on , perhaps it is GOD in His Infinite Mercy - just giving Mankind more time to get its act together. Chari [email][/email]
  • Wish we could vote Edwards as Bush's VP. Can't stand that Cheney ! Chari [email][/email]
  • I, too, earlier this year - was selected as a preliminary candidate for Who's Who. Call them and you get a person who will ask you all kinds of questions for 30 minutes, and then tell you that in order to be included in the book you have to fork ove…
  • I did visit that Workforce website. It was easy enough to register ( FREE access !) and post, which I did a few. It will take time getting used to, just like when I started here the Forum two years ago. Chari [email][/email]
  • "Invis-Lock"....hmm,Beagle ...that's why I couldn't find it...the key was " " ( Invisible !) Chari
  • I am revolted but not surprised at the beheadings of civilians by Muslim insurgents, considering that these vile acts also do happen in my homeland. It has been a long struggle for democracy there, and will be so in Iraq, too. As of now , the safety…
  • Because he could... Then he did... Next, he was caught with his pants down, and caught lying about it. Poor Old Bill. What does he want ? People to feel sorry for him? NO WAY ! Chari
  • I could see how SUPERIOR the PISTONS were !! And like it or not, the Lakers have to admit that too. Detrit's coach Larry Brown has waited so long for this - he deserves his moments in the sunshine. Chari
  • In Riverside City, the market for a older, good condition 2br/1ba like I have , is $200-215k range. Chari
  • Here in Riverside City, the freeway offramps are where the many homeless hang out waiting for handouts, some with signs, some without . Then you see vendors selling flowers, oranges, candies at the offramps. Sometimes I will pass a buck to someone w…
  • My late father-in-law lived in the Flathead Lake area for a while, actually in Bigfork - a small town on the Lake. He sent me several picture postcards from his trips to Kalispell and Glacier NP. The scenery there is beatiful - a good place to be. …
  • I am going on an August vacation to Washington DC- aiming to pack one small carry-on bag, mix and match clothes, small essentials and that's it. My spouse taught me how to pack military-style when filling a bag. Chari
  • If even 5% of those in California actually pulled up stakes and moved elsewhere, say about one and half million people - which of the other States could "afford" to take even some of us? Give me at least the same salary, pay the family's moving expe…
  • Congrats , be sure to enjoy all the moments with you new son - treasure them all. Chari
  • At home, I have LOTS of shoes for wearing at the office or for going out to parties or dances , I wear the nice shoes. My favorites at home are leather sandals. Chari
  • In a former life, in Cebu, I raised pigs - and yes, they have their "own" smell, as the carabao have their own. Chari
  • Proves that TV is a waste of time - ! Chari
  • HAHA ! Laughing so much ..just what I needed. "Buttercup Liver Tush "
  • TGIF has been followed by... "TBIM " - Too Bad Its Monday... I am waiting for Friday. Chari
  • You could truthfully have said to the director , "Well, you know that so-and-so has a bad heart, and I worry..." Let the director draw his/her own conclusions. Chari
  • Rad~ I like to combine milk, chocolate ice cream ( home-made, not that commerical stuff )and add bananas , and mix in a blender - yummy, a real good milkshake ! Enjoy ! Chari